18,000 + Subscribers!

18,256 subscribers as of July 8, 2017 at 9:30am PST. Wow. Crazy.

When we started our Youtube channel, it was to have some fun.

Our channel has no monetization, no ads. We make no money from it at all, we’re doing it 150% to communicate with our fans. to basically show you guys who we are etc.

If you want to check us out —> https://www.youtube.com/ourbellalife

Here’s what we’ve done so far… and again, this is all free on our official youtube channel. Click above or search for Bryci


Rebuilding Time

Hey guys!

So we’re currently rebuilding this entire site. That’s why nothing is here, that’s why it looks so different. Normally, if I have time I can slam something out fast but Bryci and I have been slammed with work so because this is a free bonus site… it of course comes after the sites that are our work for us.

Yesterday, Bryci and I shot some cosplay fun for our other site and yes, Bryci shot a youtube video as well for the fans!

Sorry the site is so empty right now..  as I said, we’re rebuilding this site from the ground up so for now.. it’s like this but it will get bigger, better, quickly!