Winter Roundup

Thankfully it’s been a pretty mild winter here in Western Canada, and it’s almost over.  It feels like spring and that reminded me that I haven’t done a monthly life update since December.  The winter months are cold and dark, and especially with covid restrictions still in place we haven’t been going out much.  Spending most of our time netflix and chilling, we’ve been binging some shows and checking out new television apps.  Quick little dog walks to wander as we call it, since our tiny chihuahua wants to be held while we explore anyway.  Jack is a senior with arthritis in his little doggy knees, so we don’t go far when it’s cold.

We also hit a HUGE milestone on youtube, thank you to everyone who’s subscribed!  It’s blowing our minds, and definitely inspiring us to create some fun new content.


We’ve been working on the blog, beefing up older vlog posts with photos and more information as well as working on the shop and some other things in the background.  Isn’t that always the way, the most work is the behind the scenes that no one sees but is always crucial.


Let’s jump into the new favorites!

Favorite Direct Message:

  Ok, we get a lot of great DMs on our instagram and twitter, but this one not only was so sweet and genuine, it came at the perfect time.  We’re constantly struggling to toe the line between keeping platforms happy, and being true to ourselves.  We love creating content in an open and honest way, showing people we shouldn’t be too shy to talk about relationships or sex.  Often though we clean things up in a way that keeps the censors at bay.. you know what I’m talking about if you’ve listened to our podcasts.  Spicy wording is interesting to come up with, and sometimes we just fail hard.  This DM came when we were feeling so frustrated with censorship, that it inspired us to keep going.  So thank you to everyone who sends us kind DM’s!
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Favorite buy: Glerups

These unisex boots are meant for comfort and warmth which has been great for indoor relaxing.  They are made from felted wool so they keep your feet warm and dry.  The soles come in two versions: leather or rubber.  I chose the rubber for two reasons.  First they were reportedly warmer than the leather, second that they would be great for road trips or camping where leather soles wouldn’t work well.  They have slip ons, shoes, or boots and many different colors.  Glerups are a cult favorite for a reason, and they’ll last you forever.

glerup boots


Favorite Life Hack: Eucalyptus in the shower

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while and finally got around to it.  It’s so cheap, just head over to your local plant nursery or florist and ask for a sprig of fresh eucalyptus.  It cost about $6, they gave me some nice twine to tie it up to the showerhead, and now my shower smells amazing every morning.  I’m unsure how long it will last before it dries out, but even the green vibes are so calming.

Favorite New Food: Bonne Maman Preserves

I grew up eating raspberry jam on buttered toast, and grabbed this Bonne Maman raspberry jam after seeing a few people talk about this jam specifically on instagram as the “anti-nazi jam”.  I mean, just look at the ratings on amazon!  Not only is this stuff so yum, it’s got a sweet story behind the family that makes it.

(Click anywhere on this tweet, it’ll open a new tab with the entire twitter thread so you can read the full story.)


bonne maman raspberry

Favorite Youtube Channel: TenHun

Alright, the TenHun youtube channel isn’t new to us but catching up on all his videos has been great over the winter.  He also just hit 500k on youtube!  If you’re into art, or just enjoy watching good youtube videos you’ve got to check out Peter.  He’s a self taught artist who creates eye candy videos of him creating new art, you’re just going to have a good time.  I love one of his newest videos (shown below) because this project is leading me to find many new youtube artists I hadn’t seen before.

That’s it for now, I’ve already got some new goodies to talk about in the next life update blog that just arrived… stay tuned!

Transparency: The Amazon links listed above were created using our affiliate code, supplied by Amazon. If you purchase any of the products we link to, Amazon pays us a commission for referring you to them. This is at no extra cost to you. You still pay the same low Amazon rate.  Read our disclosure for more info.

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