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2017 AVN for Best Solo Website!

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I can’t believe this!

We won the 2017 AVN Award for Best Solo Website!

Bryci and I were in Vegas last January for the 2017 AVN Awards… here’s the story of what went down!

TC Davidson, Katie Banks, Bryci and myself at the 2017 AVN Awards in Las Vegas, just before we left our hotel room to go downstairs for the red carpet walk.
Stamped RED for Red Carpet!

We had been nominated for several AVN awards. We didn’t expect this of course, we were blown away!

I (JD) was nominated for best new male newcomer because I had filmed on several dvds with various porn stars that Bryci and I worked with. That made me smile/laugh – some normal guy with a normal body and a normal dick size got nominated as best make newcomer in the porn oscars? Oh. Okay. Thank you.

I was getting ready to have a relaxing bath and Bryci was reading her phone, AVN had just announced the nominees. She goes – you were nominated for best new male. I laughed, yeah. riiight. She wasn’t kidding.

BellaPass, our studio Bryci and I created in 2009 was nominated for best imprint which is a fancy way of saying best new studio.

The red carpet was weird… so many people wondering.. who are these two?

Bryci and I on the AVN Red Carpet at the Hard Rock Hotel, January 22, 2017.
Bryci, Alexis Monroe and Katie Banks.

Shortly after the photo taken above was snapped, Bryci and I left because her throat was killing her. She couldn’t speak, she was tired and sick. We didn’t go into the awards themselves, simply because we thought… we came, we saw, it was fun… time to listen to our sick bodies now. As a final YAY WE DID THE RED CARPET! – We went to Mr Lucky’s (a restaurant in the Hard Rock Hotel) and had a monster banana split because that’s what all models do.

We’re back in our room and Marley Brinx, a kick ass fellow Canadian we worked with in the past for one of our DVD’s as well as our website txts Bryci and congratulates her on the award.

We’re laying in bed, in our hotel room 9 stories up from the event and we’re like… haha good one Marley.

She wasn’t joking though, as more texts started to come in! It was cool having good friends text us to say congrats.


So I ran downstairs from our hotel room on the 12th floor to grab the award from the AVN offices they had set up to give awards to the models/studios!

Bryci did an unboxing and of course, we did a bunch of Youtube vlogs from Vegas. All are below if curious 🙂

Thank you to the fans and of course, AVN, for making this possible!