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Time to Reinvent Myself

Time to Reinvent Myself

Those of you that have read my blogs in the past, from my older blog sites that now don’t exist because I removed them (Yes, I made a mistake, I know)  know that I have often struggled with my weight. Now first, I’m not saying I am fat. I’m not even saying I’m overweight but technically, according to the American Council on Exercise, if your body fat % is over 25%, you are considered obese. Yes, OBESE.

Now I have not weighed myself in awhile because I have been so busy with the new Bella sites, I new the news would be bad. Hey, at least I am honest. When you are stressed or you’re not sleeping well, your body creates cortisol. Cortisol is one of, if not the worst hormones you can have in excess. It makes you fat, it works your organs harder than normal. It basically kills you, quicker.

So I’ve never shown this before, but today is August 1 and today, I started something so we’re going to play a game called full accountability.

Here’s from the last time I weighted myself.

Notice that amazing body fat %?

I am *technically* obese.

I’m not even average. :/

So why is August 1 so important?

Well, I decided that I’ve been this way for too long. If you see me standing, you’d never thing I was obese. You might see me as bigger, but I am sucking in 99.9% of the time, it’s normal for me. Still, normal for me doesn’t mean acceptable for me.

We have a gym at home.

I’ve allowed work to take control of me so I am finally fighting back.

No sugar.

Increase water intake so I am at 4-6L per day. (1-1/2 gallon)

Increase proteins to 1.5g per pount of lean body mass. *150lbs so 15-=225 grams of protein daily is the goal)

No cheat days.

8 hours of sleep daily, no exceptions.

I’m going to be hitting weights HARD.

I’ll be recording this as I go for vlogs and proof of what you can do when you say ENOUGH. Let’s hope I don’t fail 🙂

IU’ll be using the Tim Ferris 4 Hour Body approach. Reach the chapter on Geek to Freak. He borrowed knowledge from Arthur Jones and it’s simply, 5 second cadence (5 seconds up, 5 seconds down, 75% fo the heaviest weight you can lift, to failure. No sets, no reps. If you max out at 200 pounds bench press, 150 is your 75% mark. Start lifting until you can’t lift anymore. Now wait 4 days for your body to heal. Start again. Simple.

https://tim.blog/2007/04/29/from-geek-to-freak-how-i-gained-34-lbs-of-muscle-in-4-weeks/  <– read more about it here.

I can’t suggest Tim’s book enough. It will change the way you approach fitness, eating, life in general. Why we as a species complicate things so damn much, I am not sure.

So let’s see what I can do with this!


  1. I thought I was reading Bryci’s post about weighing 200 lbs and she was going to loose weight. I thought, nooooo! The first video of yours that I saw was of her modeling red lingerie with a crotchless g string and I thought what a perfect body!

    1. Bryci never posted about weighing 200 pounds lol – I did (this is James) – Bryci weighs around 120-130 area at best. I’m 207 though. =)


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