Temporarily Removed

Earlier on Saturday June 16, Bryci went to login to her Instagram account and she got this message:

She is incredibly careful so we were confused. If you click Learn More it goes into more detail…

We had a good laugh at this. Not sure if a staffer at Insta was sent some fake ID from a scammer or what but of course, Bryci is Bryci so it should be fairly easy getting it back.

I was going to do a video on Saturday, where I read Bryci DM’s and maybe someone got a little pissy about that thought.. not sure. Meh, mistakes happen and no company’s staff is perfect.

If you click the ‘let us know’ link (if you were us that is) it then asks you to respond with proof. So we did.

stay tuned…

In the mean time, this is a perfect time for you to make sure you are following @ourbellalife and @bellapass on instagram

Saturday 8:00pm EDIT

Bryci got her account back!



    • I looked for the profile with “Jessica Jessie” and Bryci’s images but wasn’t able to find it.. if you see the username so I can find them, let me know and I’ll get it nuked. thanks for looking out for Bryci, Noel!