Surgery + Life Update Vlog

Okay it's time for the life update, let's get into it. For the last six months or so I have been so fatigued, and I've been on the phone with my doctor about it that's generally what started everything. I've been having stomach acid issues for around five years, which is what led my doctor to find celiac disease, then my gastrointestinal doctor suggested a no fat diet which worked fantastically...

Life Hack! DIY Plumbing Fix

Unless you live in the forest, all homes need maintenance.  I enjoy being self reliant plus saving money is always a bonus.  Growing up I wasn't taught many of these things, so I decided to teach myself how to unclog the scary shower drain.  Can't be that hard right? Off to amazon I go to look for some solutions.  I had seen a plumber using a snake drain before, but...

Baking FAIL! Busted Banana Balls

Lately my days have included some no-bake baking and since I love using up ingredients so they don't go to waste, I wanted to give this recipe a try.  Should I have read the 1-star reviews before proceeding?  Sure.  Did that happen?  Of course not.  Did it make for a fun vlog though?  YES! I enjoyed making these, and I hope you'll enjoy the short vlog of us trying out...

Check out our view!

Day dates, whether you are with someone or even by yourself, can be such an important part of life.  Taking a break from your usual day to day stresses can help things like sleep, anxiety and just your general outlook.  With restaurants shut down right now, grabbing some take out with your favorite food and finding a place to relax and eat is an easy way to get away...

ASMR Lego Mandalorian and The Child

Our First ever ASMR video!

Cupshe Swim Haul

Cupshe Swim Haul

Let’s cook! Lazy easy meal prep

Ready to have some fun with me? I'm making a new recipe from the Forks and Knives app, come join me!

The 5 Bedroom Hacks you NEED!

Are you a comfort fanatic too? Or maybe your bedroom is balls hot and you just can't take it anymore? I was there. I bought these things. I am now sleeping cool and oh so comfy.

Workout Wear for Curves

This week's theme, from Fashion Nova is work out wear!

Vacation Dreams! Fashion Nova Haul

Dreaming of your next vacation? Get ready in style!




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Surgery + Life Update Vlog

Okay it's time for the life update, let's get into it. For the last six months or so I have been so fatigued, and I've...