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Signed Memorabilia Day!

Support the channel and get rewards! (like the memorabilia shown here!) - http://patreon.com/bryci

Patreon Rewards Sneak Peek!

Curious about what Patreon is and why some of my biggest fans are a part of mine? This video has all the answers

THREE Sites?

It seems there is some confusion regarding what we do, and where we do it so I wrote this post to try and help people understand the where, why and what.

NEVER HAVE I EVER WITH BRYCI… in a bikini in a...

This got a little crazy but it was worth it! So much fun hanging out with this lady!

Drink and Tell with Tara Babcock!

It finally happened! We've known each other forever... well just go watch my BTS vlog with her a couple videos back. In this video we play drinking game Drink and Tell (it's a phone app) and we learn some crazy stuff about each other, laugh, and drink too much. PLUS we filmed a too-hot-for-youtube LEWD video for our patreon!

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