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I Sprayed Her Down!

I Sprayed Her Down!

Cancun Mexico Beach Fun!

Finally a day to go have fun in the sand! Our almost last day on our Cancun, Mexico trip!

Teeny Tiny Bikinis!

Teeny Tiny Bikinis!

7 minutes in heaven – Ocean Meditation – Cancun, Mexico

Meditation is crucial in a happy low stress life, enjoy a 7 minute break anytime during your day and listen to the perfect sounds of the Caribbean ocean.

Our First Mexican Bus Ride!

My first time taking public transit anywhere, let's do it in Mexico! Driving in Mexico is wild! Plus Mexican weddings are adorable.

Mexican Dental Vacation!

Yep we did it. We travelled to Mexico and did some dental surgery. Day 1 of trying to navigate the language barrier at the dentist.

Tropical Parasailing in Cancun!

Parasailing for the first time with the most expensive camera we own. What could go wrong?

I BLUE Myself!

Flava flav is needed in life. Life in Cancun, on Vacation with Bryci and JD.

That’s NOT a Bikini Top!

I'll wear anything I damn well please to the beach man!

Where in the world are we?!

It's adventure time ladies and gents, our first vacation in years!

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