Tag: Fake ID

Mary Kumah

Mary Kumah and Abigial Kumah and Sylvia Kumah are romance scammers

Kristine Rodgers

Kristine Rodgers from Geelong, Australia is a teenage boy in Ghana using Bryci images to scam people. Want to know more?

Serwaa Boakye Dora

Yup, we got another Bryci faker on our hands. We get 3-5 of these per day but sometimes someone reaches out and shows us...

Nathaniel Azundow

Nathaniel Azundow is a scammer in Ghana with the phone number...

Grace Quaye is NOT Bryci – Let’s expose a faker!

Grace Quaye is NOT @Bryci but a man in Ghana that is stealing our photos wants to believe that he..er.. "she" is Bryci. We got an email from a guy (see in video) so rather than respond, we thought we'd shoot this faker down quick and easy with a video.

Faker Letters!

We get a lot of people writing Bryci and myself angry because..

Bryci Facebook

Are you looking for Bryci on Facebook?If you are, you might be disappointed because Bryci has never had a Facebook profile.If you are on...