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We’re back shooting...

We're back to filming again today, using the Canon EOS R with RF 24-70 lens and for video, the Canon RF 15-35 lens!

Before the Christmas Shoo...

Getting ready to shoot Bryci again using the Canon EOS R.

Calendars are HERE!

The 2020 Calendars sold out FAST!

Canon RF 28-70 Before the...

Today we're using the Canon EOS R and the Canon RF 28-70 F/2

When is cheating okay?

Is cheating okay on your husband or wife okay? What about cheating on your boyfriend or girlfriend? Is cheating ever okay?

Body Acceptance In and Ou...

Accepting your body is important and today we help a listener try and help his wife with her body acceptance issues.

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Cupshe Swim Haul

Cupshe Swim Haul

Play with Us!

How crazy is this? We finally reached Podcast 50! Today we're playing Incoherent on our Podcast!

Let’s cook! Lazy ea...

Ready to have some fun with me? I'm making a new recipe from the Forks and Knives app, come join me!

The 5 Bedroom Hacks you N...

Are you a comfort fanatic too? Or maybe your bedroom is balls hot and you just can't take it anymore? I was there. I bought these things. I am now sleeping cool and oh so comfy.

How We Have Been Coping W...

Let's talk about 2020 and Anxiety and how we've been dealing.