Some of you are a little confused by our websites and why we have so many or what’s going in etc.

I understand. 

Maybe this blog will bring some clarity to the situation for you. I’ll try and explain why each of our sites was started, who they cater to and maaaaybe this helps you see we’re not completely nuts. (we totally are)

As you might have grasped by now… Bryci and I work in the adult industry ONLINE.

Not to be confused with the adult industry in porn valley.  ie: The REAL PORN INDUSTRY

We started our small adults only site back in February 2009 called I can’t link you here because it’s NSFW in nature, and we don’t post porn in this site, this entire site is safe for work… but I’m getting to that.

1) We started originally with one website, (18+) – a membership site for people into what we were doing. Photos, videos, candids and the occasional webcam chat. We updated often because we were new and wanted to make a BANG. Other sites like us updated once, maybe twice a week. We felt if we went crazy, we’d make some sort of impact on others. We were right.. the site exploded us on and nine years later, we’re still here kicking ass!

2) We then stated our network site (18+) because we knew some people that wanted to do what we do, and have their own website so we wanted to create something that would make that idea/dream/vision a reality for them. Also so when someone joined one of our websites, they’d have access to a bunch more websites. Many girls at first were like.. wait… what? I don’t want others to get my content for free and I understand that thought process, but they were missing a lot of the concept. By being part of a join one, get all network.. your (if you are the girl) members get a TON more content which means, less stress for you (the girl) and also, more all around updates for the members so they are happier. That also means more rebills possible which makes you more money which makes your life easier.

Eventually of course, people cancel but… if your content was good… when they come back (and they often do) – it’s likely they sign up under you because your content blew them away.

Not to mention.. if you the customer was going to join an adult website, would you rather get ONE site for $29.95 per month (average price of adult sites) or 12+ sites for $19.95 per month that update faaaaar more often than the one site for $29.95 per month?

Common sense to us which is the smarter option so that’s why we built BellaPass the way we did.

We tried to build a network that members would adore, and girls would be more profitable with.

We succeed. 🙂

(fucking. smiley. face.)

Side note – if you are a female (18-30) and want to do what we do and like what we’re about.. contact us here. We’d like to talk with you. To others reading.. excuse that, you never know who’s reading this site.

Fast forward 9 years…

3) We decided to create (this site) as a site for fans to stay up to date in our lives if they are curious.

Full disclosure.. the site has sucked up until now (March 4, 2018) because I have been so busy with BellaPass revamp (V2) but now that that is done I have more time here. So right now I am populating, moving our youtube videos over and creating posts like this. The videos we had in youtube that were removed/banned… those will be here as well.

OBL will always be porn free / safe for work because fans requested a safe for work site.

We plan on using this domain as a true life domain for us. What I mean by that, we plan on doing reviews of products that we ACTUALLY use and own.

I can’t stand youtube channels where every video they are selling you a questionable product because they were sponsored to do so. .

<shade>Yes Leo at UnboxTherapy, I am looking at you. </shade>

So with this site, and eventually our youtube channel.. everything has been tested, used, tried so if we say yes, this camera lens is amazing.. it is. You can buy it without worry if it’s right for you etc.

4) We jumped on PORNHUB and create an official profile with them in September 2017 for two reasons.

  1. To give back to the fans that have supported us for so many years but maybe weren’t able to sign up for our site just yet or simply just wanted to check out our content to see if it was any good.
  2. To combat piracy. – We think piracy can be a good thing because it spreads you out all over to places you may not have been before so if you have a good product it can bring you customers from places you’d never knew existed. The key to piracy is to *try* and keep it under control to some degree. I hate sending our dmca letters so I try not to unless I have to. By being with Pornhub, they actively watch other tube sites for our content and remove it on our behalf. They also pay us a small amount based on views so yes, we make some money on PH so even if you never join our site, you’re still helping by watching our vids on PH.

A little while back we had a guy comment to us angrily (because online, some people are assholes for some reason)

Why would I ever join when you have so many videos posted on your PornHub channel!?

That’s a great question, but this guy probably didn’t check our site ore he would have known the answer.

We have a little over 100 videos posted on PH for free for fans which we think is fucking awesome. Our website on the other hand.. has over 500 videos and we keep adding 1-2 per week to it. Then in addition, anyone that joins our website ( – NSFW)  gets full access to the entire BellaPass network of sites so now we’re talking about…

March 4, 2018 stats: Your membership includes access to 12 + Sites, 98716 Photos, 1475 Videos, 179 + Girls.

So yes.. you can go get 100 + videos at the maximum size of 720 and you can’t download them from Pornhub, or you can sign up for our site/network and get all our videos, and all the other videos in sizes up to 4K.

You can not only stream them in multiple sizes across literally every platform from your kindle, to your amazon fire, your laptop, tablet, cell phone, desktop computer, even smart tv or xbox/playstation…  but you can also download them and keep them.

Then add in the 98716 photos you also have access to… and the 178 other models in addition to Bryci…

Now hopefully you can see why our Pornhub profile and our site access offers different things.

Bottom like – do what’s right for you.

We’re happy peeps and that’s what we try and surround ourselves with, other happy/crazy people that are into what we’re doing. We don’t listen to others telling us what we should do, what we need to do, orders being barked of.. HEY DO THIS… we simply do what we want. We focus on having fun and being true to ourselves.

Hope that works for ya!


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