Serwaa Boakye Dora is a Scammer

Yup, we got another Bryci faker on our hands. We get 3-5 of these per day but sometimes someone reaches out and shows us the fake ID used to make the scammer seem real.

Serwaa Boakye Dora is the name this person goes by, but being a fake ID.. they’re not too smart. If you look at the ID… Dora is the SURNAME or last name… but this faker calls “herself” Dora even though HIS name is actually Serwaa.

(it’s always a teenage boy in Ghana pulling these scams)

As usual, they’re using a photo from our website for a passport photo and we all know passport photos don’t let you smile, or have your hair in your face, or wear make up…

Point being…


If someone has to send you ID to prove to you that it’s really them… IT IS A SCAMMER


If you’re ever unsure.. jump over to our youtube channel.. we update almost weekly!


  1. I think I’m being scammed and if so,this girl…or guy is good. States that she is Bryci but her real name is Gladys and that she and JD are now divorced and she has been out of the porn industry for three years. Is any of this true or am I being scammed?

    • You are 500000% being scammed.

      We post videos to our youtube (and this site) weekly.

      We added one 2 days ago.

      You gotta remember, they’re always going to lie to you. That’s the only way they can make money, and guys that are lonely tend to believe almost anything for whatever reason. We update our youtube weekly, we update our members only site weekly and have since 2009.. that’s how these clowns get the photos to scam you with. Our social media accounts @bryci @bellapass and @ourbellalife on instagram and twitter are updated daily usually.

      If you go to you can tell us the accounts etc and we can get this gladys nuked.

      Bryci’s real name is Bryci and now that these fakers have your info… you’re going to get a ton of hot single women (guys pretending to be women) messaging you.

      Learn how to use and add photos there and you’ll find 99% of the hot women following you, no matter what account, are known as other names. Lastly.. check for video of why they do this.

    • Yes, and it’s a faker. you’re not talking to a girl either, you’re talking to a teenage boy with stolen photos of ours.

      hangouts is visited more by scammers and people using stolen info than anything. you’ve seen the real sites now, including youtube so you know you’re dealing with a scammer.