Self Employed

I get asked often how I got into doing what I do.

So, here goes.. a long ass post. Grab a drink, you’ll be here a while.

No, no books on tape version.

I can still remember the day it all changed for me. I had worked several commercial jobs, ranging from management in retail to waiting on tables, being a bartender, being a prep chef all the way to being second line chef and then being offered a full ride for my red seal certification if I wanted it. I knew that would lock me in as a chef and while I LOVED cooking, I couldn’t stand the asshats at Earl’s, the restaurant I worked at. They would act one way around waitresses and then when they left, they were complete frat boys with lewd comments and BRO high fives. You know the type.

I started my own multimedia business in late 1996 specializing in photography and building websites for companies. We even created some official celebrity websites for some well known celebs. I want to tell you I went partying with them, but no.. nothing fun like that.

check that crt yo.

With my business, I made the mistake of hiring friends as employees. You know how you’re always told – DON’T HIRE FRIENDS – that shit is real. Believe it.

I ended up with a large office, where at any given point five or six of the guys were playing Quake II over network. You’d hear people laughing, screaming, laughing more. Don’t get me wrong, it was a lot of fun… but last time I checked, fun rarely pays the bills. We’d have potential customers walk in and the secretary (one of the guy’s girlfriends) would also be playing and no joke.. say one sec while killing someone on her screen… not pausing to take care of the customer.


Through complete fluke, my destiny changed in 1998 when one of the guys I worked with fell in “love” with a bikini dancer at a local restaurant. Studio 82 in Calgary, Alberta was a small place where you could grab a beer and wings, and the servers were typically hot girls in bikinis. Think…  Hooters.. minus the franchising fee.

So my friend wanted to talk to this girl that worked there but had no idea what to say. Now, growing up with red hair *AND* glasses… I was a total chick magnet as you’d probably imagine.  I had girls crawling over each other just to breathe the same air I did.


No, that’s not how it went. Junior and Senior High were cluster fucks for me. I was pimpled, had glasses, but the one thing I did have was confidence. No idea why. hahahaha Seriously. Not a clue why.

Rico, Me, Ian and Sean

Looking back, I should have been a total wreck but for some reason I was always able to talk to women. I suppose I was teased enough growing up, I had a thick shell so I wasn’t afraid of being shot down. Thing is.. I was rarely shot down.

Guys – The take away here is that most of meeting women, and actually succeeding in dating women IS IN YOUR HEAD. You over-thinking things might be the reason it doesn’t work sometimes, it’s not your looks usually. If I was able to do it, what’s your excuse?

I digress..

So Joel and I start hanging at Studio 82 and if you have ever been a waitress or known a waitress, you know it’s all about being nice so you get tips. Sadly, Joel would take this as attention and he was smitten. The waitress, we’ll call her D, wanted nothing more than to do her job. Oddly enough we became good friends, and one day she visited me at work to talk business.

She reasoned that with my photography background and my website knowledge (thank you Front Page, lol) that we should build a website for her. I was raised by a father that was a professional photographer. I saw women coming ands going from his basement studio (that sounds creepy because it was creepy) through my teens years. I told D.. I am not sure this is a good idea because a site of bikini photos wouldn’t’ sell. I was sure for it to work, nudity had to be in the equation.

Now, full disclosure.. I didn’t THINK it would sell. Turns out Non Nude websites back then were popular for some girls, not popular for others so no idea if it would have worked.

She said.. what if we do Playboy style? I told her to leave it with me and I did some research and came up with a formula that I thought would work. I had a spare room in the upstairs portion of the office I had leased. I was positive if i furnished the room to sort of look like a bedroom, we could set up a computer with webcam in there. She could show up daily at 7-8 am and crawl into bed and then sleep for an hour or so. The cam would turn on to her sleeping and she’d be there for a bit, then get up, “get ready” and leave (going about her normal day). She’s return later to do a cam show for an hour or so for members. We’d post nude photos in the site as well and turn on the cam when shooting photos etc for her site.

I blacked out her eyes because she’s moved on with life
and I didn’t think it was right to post her pic uncensored.

I came up with the name Davia and we launched her site. How I decided upon that name… I started by looking up porn stars at the time that were popular on any level, and of those.. which had a domain name open for their first name. Davia Ardell had not grabbed the davia domain, so I did. Dick move?

I was sure guys wouldn’t want to subscribe to a site with a guy running it for a girl so we create an imaginary character to run the site. “Brooke” would be D’s best friend from college and she was the one running things. She was shy so she never appeared on cam, but the guy shooting photos, that would be Brooke’s boyfriend James.

Weak storyline, I agree… yet, it worked.

It was weird because we were one of the first style sites doing this, and we were credited as being the second girl webcam site online behind jennicam or something like that. A magazine did a write up on us, well… a write up on Davia and Brooke. (cue laugh track)

Notice at the bottom… WEBCAM SENSATION 

I never really thought of it before but if I had invested my time in this idea on a larger scale, I could have created MyFreeCams.

the. fucking. fuck. fuck fuck fuck

I blacked out her eyes because she’s moved on with life
and I didn’t think it was right to post her pic uncensored.

Once I started to see the $ that doing this site did, compared with “real work” (ie: my multimedia company) – all bets were off.  I was pretty sure it was time to close up shop. I knew I’d have to lay off my friends but let’s be honest, they weren’t working anyway. :/

Odd thing happened before I got to that stage… remember I mentioned I had created some celebrity websites? A company in Arizona contacted one of the celebs, wanting her contract. She said no, James has it. So they contacted me asking to buy it from me. I thought it was a joke so at the advice of my then attorney, I gave them a crazy number (to me) if they wanted to buy her contract. That’s what her ‘rights’ were worth to me. It was a joke on my side, I never thought they’d accept the huge price tag. (I thought it was huge anyway)

They went for it, on the condition that I come with the deal. They basically head hunted me at the same time and before I knew it, I shut down shop in Calgary and had moved to Arizona to build official celebrity websites full time. At the same time, Davia’s boyfriend had talked her into the belief that he could do my job just as easy so she wanted to buy me out of the equation so she took over full ownership/rights.

So I figured out what the site made in a year, divided that in half because there was two of us and said sure.. here’s my cost. She bought me out and I went on my way, she went on hers. Sadly her site barely lasted 3-6 months after I left it because as her guy learned.. it’s not just taking photos of boobies to do what I did.

I felt bad, but business is business.

So.. now I am in Arizona.. Working in Tempe, living in Chandler.

I was loving life. I even treated the entire office to Star Wars – Phantom Menace when it premiered.

Nice guy melt down coming…

Maybe three months after getting to Arizona, Davia’s best friend Trisha, from Calgary contacts me. She also worked at Studio82 with Davia and saw Davia leave to start working with me… and then saw Davia start raking in cash. She wanted to know if I wanted to start a site with her.

I explain.. I’m in Chandler, Arizona… sorry, can’t help ya.

She explains her life in Calgary is changing and she needed out. She asked if she could drive down and live with me and we could do a site/project from my house. ummmm…. I’m single… she’s hot…. let me think let me think….yes.

I blacked out her eyes because she’s moved on with life
and I didn’t think it was right to post her pic uncensored.

We started her site, she started to do really well and then she got into Playboy and Perfect 10 magazine and she went off to be a big time model. I sold my part of the site, like I did before with Davia to her and that was that. I think her site lasted another year or so, I think she lost interest more so than it not doing well. I wasn’t involved really, so not sure.

To be clear so there is no weird assumptions.. nothing ever happened sexually between Davia and I, or Trisha and I. Nothing ever attempted either, simple reason.. money. You don’t mix work with pleasure unless you’re wanting work to end.  If you’re in a relationship for awhile and your girl wants to do a site with you, that’s obviously different.

So after Arizona, I moved back to Canada (2000) for a short time before meeting someone and moving back to the States for four years, only to get cheated on (hey, it happens when you date someone shitty apparently) and then.. in 2004 I was back in Canada living  a friend I got a job for in Arizona with me. Clint.

Now I use the term friend lightly… because as it turns out, this guy wasn’t a friend. He was one of those people that acts nice to people to use them. I didn’t see that in him until it was too late, my bad.

So I moved to Edmonton, Canada because this is where Clint lived.

I know I shouldn’t use his real name, but fuck this guy, seriously. It’s not like I said his last name, right? RIGHT?

Shortly after moving to Edmonton, heart broken from being cheated on.. my body shuts down. My appendix bursts inside of me and I didn’t know. I eventually call 911 because of the pain and get taken to the hospital for surgery. I was told I could have died if I waited another 45-60 minutes because the poison had spread that far. They didn’t stitch me up either, because they had to have a day nurse come out twice daily and literally clean the poison from my gaping wound. Sounds glamorous huh? Be jealous of me.

This is the scar I got from that day, the same one you see in our videos if you notice it.

When I get back from the hospital weeks later, I had total trust my room and computer had not been gone through.

I trusted Clint, he was one of my best friends and I had known him for years. I should have trusted him… right?

Back story: Clint met me because in Calgary, I was taking photos of Strippers for a local businessman that made posters of them so when new dancers would come to town, I’d do their promo. he wanted to meet me to see the guy doing this so he met me at one of the clubs one time.. the French Maid in downtown Calgary. We became friends, and later I hired him to work at my company (mistake) and then after that, offered him a job in AZ with me.

Jesus.. starting to see why I was cheated on… I apparently am too fucking nice. Oh well, it paid off I’d say, Karma or whatever has come around. I later met Bryci because of getting cheated on, and then having a shit friend steal from me shortly after I almost died. Wow, sounds dramatic AF when is ay it like that.

I had a weird feeling about money going missing from my wallet so I set up a webcam in my bedroom.

I blacked out the red light on it and set it on motion detect.

I went to have a shower, knowing full well I’d be in the bathroom awhile because with a new surgery opening, it took me a good 30 minutes to shower etc.  I get out of the shower and Clint had been in my room when I was in the shower.

Let’s see what the webcam captured…

Yeah yeah, I know, clean your fucking room JD.

I was recovering from surgery, I was a wreck.

I had gotten down to around 130 pounds area and at 6 feet… 130 is not a picnic. Look at how sick I looked…

Seeing that Clint had ripped me off, I confronted him. If I had been a healthy version of myself, I’d have probably kicked his ass but given I literally had a hole in my stomach, sigh, not to be.

This one action made me leave.  I moved to Calgary again. I got a sweet Condo in downtown Calgary, by myself until I offered a room to a good buddy that I’ll leave out of the blog because no point in mentioning his name etc honestly. He’s a good guy, I wouldn’t want him catching heat because he lived with/knew a pornographer. Sup P.

Killer loft action, I know.. it was awesome.

My bedroom was all kinds of nope… somewhat messy as per single male.

Great cable management

The best part of my room?

A kick ass jetted tub with a 16:9 TV on a stand that moved.

Yes, that is Smallville. I’m a closet Superman fan and as we’d already discussed, a nice guy. Probably too nice.

It was in this condo that I later I would later meet Bryci.

We started as friends, neither having any intention in dating. I had been dating a kindergarten teacher (don’t ever do this) and she had been dating guys that… well, didn’t appreciate her so she had turned her attention to women. (yes, she had a hot girlfriend when I met her)

We became really good friends in that we weren’t after each other so we were painfully honest. No honeymoon phase, no hiding who we were. She knew I worked in adult, I hid nothing from her, the good, the bad, the ugly.. she got it all. That was 2006.

Today as I write this.. March 1, 2018.. almost a full 12 years later. Wow. So much wow.

We started as friends, that developed into good friends, which later changed to best friends. They always say marry your best friend right? I did, and yes, “they” are right.

I see guys with that whole “I guess she isn’t into nice guys” bullshit or “nice guys finish last” and this just isn’t true.  What that is, is you making an excuse because you are not confident enough to talk to girls yet, or possibly you’re simply undateable. If you want a hot girl, you’d best have something to offer her to even the scale to some degree. Don’t be some overweight dude with a neck beard and no job and expect to close a supermodel. No offense man but that just isn’t happening. (kind of common sense)

So after a year or so together, Bryci and I started working on a web project I had sort of toyed with but never put in motion. We started a network of solo sites with various girls that shot their own content and we created the sites, ran them etc. We partnered with the girls basically. After a few years, we had an opportunity to sell because simply put, we saw how many of the girls didn’t work very hard, yet they still were getting paid. Some, didn’t seem to work at all, they’d do the initial work and then who knows… some days work, other days nothing. No joke, some would literally show up for cam shows in pajamas, no make up, no hair did.. just bleh but they had big boobs so the money kept coming.

Bryci wanted to do her own site, away from that network so we sold that network and started her site in February 2009 at (NSFW). We never knew if anyone would care honestly.

We later (like, a month or two later) launched (NSFW) so we could slowly start build a network of sites. Some of the girls we started with way back then… are STILL with us now after all these years! We work our tails off but we also love what we do so it’s not really a job. I mean yes.. I have worked more 20 hour days in the past 3 months than i care to admit but it was for a good cause.

Occasionally I will get someone trying to tell me to get a real job or to stop living off my wife.

I’m sort of used to getting trolled or getting angry dudes coming at me. It goes with the territory when you have a hot girlfriend or wife. other guys want to be you, and they can’t make sense why you’re so lucky and they aren’t… of course not knowing the battles you’ve fought to get where you are.

Anyone that knows what I do on a daily/weekly basis knows I don’t live off my wife. I was doing this for years before she entered my life, successfully no less. As for the ‘real job’ comment.. I have taught myself literally everything I know, from zero. Not bragging, it was easy in some areas, and hard as fuck in others.  I have a job and sometimes, it’s actually more like ten or more jobs.

Coding, customer service, server support, security on the boxes, running the sites, working with current Bellas, talking to potential Bellas, buying new content for the network and then creating new sites from scratch, shooting my wife, filming with my wife, promo content, dealing with affiliate webmasters, posting content to twitter, instagram, reddit, pornhub etc. – Now add running to this and when time permits… filming Youtube vlogs.

Almost made 20 jobs out of that list.

Yeah, I don’t have a real job. :/

Bryci started as a webmaster, co-coding and running network one with me.  She evolved into the on air talent for her own site because who doesn’t like playing dress up? Now we get to be crazy together, and what’s really cool… we actually HELP other people on our Youtube channel with Bryci’s Sex Talk series. She has always made all her own decisions, and she is very much her own person. Easily the strongest person I know and while some of the guys reading this would think… pfffft… whaaaaaaat. You have zero idea the mental fuckery that goes with being a model, let alone a popular model. She is strong as fuck, that woman.

I’m FAR from perfect. I screw up all the time, it’s part of life.  I keep going though.

For you to succeed, you first MUST fail.

That’s part of it and no success comes overnight. It takes years upon years of being consistent and cranking out good quality content to be noticed online and even then, no guarantees it will last.

Just keep kicking ass and anyone in your life that doesn’t believe in you or holds you back… lose them.

Life is hard enough without toxic people holding you down.

Well, I’m rambling so it’s time to end this mini book. I hope that helps one of you better understand that no, I didn’t wake up and fluke into this job. I created it and with some effort, and a lot of luck,  here I am.

ps.. excuse self ego moment but when you’ve been to the dump and back, you celebrate.

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