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Hot Tub Bikini


We created an official PORNHUB presence!

We know a lot of you guys are fans but you don’t buy memberships to adult sites for whatever reason. Maybe it’s finances, maybe it’s just you’re worried about them ripping you off. Maybe you just feel there is so much porn out there, why pay for it?

Okay.. a few things, first, let’s clear up some common misconceptions..

1.Using your credit card on a porn site is unsafe.

Adult sites have to follow the same rules/laws that Amazon and Apple have to follow to allow payment using Visa / MasterCard.  The sites themselves don’t process your credit card either, a third party processor that has to follow strict rules does that, and when approved, you’re redirected to the website you joined.

2.There is so much free porn out there, why pay for it?

I agree, there is a lot of porn out there but most if not all of the ‘good stuff’ out there wasn’t created freely. It was created by someone that was paid to make it, or made it for their website. point being, it wasn’t free porn, it was pay porn… you just found it because someone else pirated it or posted it illegally. It happens, I get it.

If you have a girl and she makes 100 scenes for her website, and then people just post it for free so she ends up not getting as many sales, do you think she’s going to keep making porn? Probably not.

I have seen piracy hurt companies, and I have seen it help companies.

Hurts: slows down signups or sales

Helps: free advertising you didn’t pay for. If the content is good, often it will lead people back that like what they saw.

So while I agree that there is a lot of FREE porn out there, I think it’s important to still try and support the creators so they keep having a job (I’m biased, fair point) but mostly, so they keep creating! After all, nobody wants old recycled crap from 2004 shot in 604 x 480 all the time.


Why are WE one Pornhub!?

We understand not everyone pays for porn, but we still want our fans to be taken care of!

We wanted to show our fans that we create (what we feel) is great content, and hopefully, one or two of you agree and come back and sign up for our full network. It’s only $20 a month for complete access to all of our videos, photos, candids but also.. for full access to ALL the girls in the network so it’s like, pay one time, get 12 sites. We think that’s a sweet ass deal.

For those that don’t..

We’d ask that you enjoy the videos we post on our official channel or here at this site. Subscribe to our Pornhub page, you’ll get updates when we update!

Of course, the Pornhub page will never have the majority of our videos, but we will try and upload something for you guys often! If you’re wanting our newest or latest, you’ll need to sign up for our official website – remember, we still do this for work, and free doesn’t pay the bills quite the same way. I wish it did.

Pornhub has made us part of their program so we make a small $ based on views of our videos. I would love to tell you it’s some huge amount, but it’s not. It is however better than nothing, and our videos are being posted for free anyway so we might as well take control of things and make pennies on the dollar rather than nothing, right?

So even if you don’t sign up, you’re still supporting us by watching on OUR PornHub channel and not some other site!  Again, Pornhub will never have all our videos, our site has well over 500 videos and currently we have around 100 on our PH channel. We will remove some, add others etc as we see fit.

Our site also has photos, candids and everything we do in there… where as PH will have some select videos we decide to share.

Hope that helps make sense of what we’re doing on Pornhub!


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  1. You “youngsters” are so fortunate today with the social acceptance of couples web sites. My late bride and I had hours of fun playing in front of our PRIMITIVE HUGE HEAVY UNWIELDLY MINOLTA VHS camera that looked like an anti tank weapon. She was reluctant at first, but after much begging and cajoling,she agreed to some sexy,erotic fun. She enjoyed it so much and was so turned on that the next step came quite easily. We had lots of fun erotic catalogue shopping as well as visiting erotic clothing stores for prop lingerie and toys.. Gradually I joined in and our content became XXX rated. It was hard being cameraman, producer and actor all in one. We finally took the big step of swapping our PRIMITIVE videos with a few select people. That was way back in 1990 ! We had to be so careful because of the social stigma involved. We were both in our late 30’s when we began.

    Unfortunately,I lost my bride of 36 years suddenly back in 2004. I still have that collection of “family” tapes now remade into DVDs to relive the old happy times. I’m 69 now … great round number… very grateful for those exstatic time. The moral of this missive is keep enjoying each other as much as you can. I’m subscribing to your Patreon site and would like to subscribe to your hardcore site as soon as I figure out how. If you are ever in need of a cameraman in the future, I’d love to volunteer. I’m unobtrusive and never pushy. JD is quite talented of course but, the beauty and sexiness of his model make his job pretty easy although, concentration could be problematic !