Patreon is a website where creators can create a profile so they can connect with their fans/supporters. When Bryci and I youtube, or podcast, we are not paid anything. We don’t monetize anything because of how strict Youtube is etc so we do what many creators do… we have a Patreon.

Patreon allows fans to support the content they love, so the creator can keep creating it!

One of the great things about Patreon, is that if you subscribe to a higher level tier, you get all the tiers below that included usually unless otherwise noted.

So what are the tiers or levels?

The first tier is $1.00 per month.

For this you get lewd videos 1-2 times per month. Early access to Podcasts, other videos we early release. Basically, the things Bryci can’t put on Youtube because they’d be banned. It just shows her you guys care and want to support her content!

This is also literally the ONLY way to get into Bryci’s DM box!


The second tier is $10.00 per month.

In this level you get nude photo shoots. 1-2 new shoots per month + access to all the previous sets releases on Patreon.

The third tier is $15.00 per month.

This is JD’s tier. You get to go behind the scenes and watch behind the scenes videos from our actual shoots. 1-2 nude shoots per month + access to the entire archive of bts content. You get to vote on upcoming videos and I’m going to be doing exclusive just for Patreon videos where I sit down and talk one on one with you guys, showing you how to do what I do. I’ve created a series and each month I’ll be publishing 1-2 videos to help you grow as photographers, videographers, potential pornographers?

I’ll take you into my brain and tell you stories from past shoots, and help you to pick new gear and help you to maximize the gear you have.

If you’ve always wanted to be me… this is for you. I can’t get you in with a model, but I can equip you with all the knowledge and background so you can work with almost anyone. How you use that info, is up to you!

The fourth tier is $20.00 per month.

This is the nude video tier! Yup.. the good stuff.

Well, we haven’t had one complaint so I think it’s the good stuff!

You get 1-2 videos monthly plus access to all older videos!

The fifth tier is $25.00 per month.

This is the SnapChat tier. You know what that means. 😉

The sixth tier is $30.00 per month.

In this level you get signed prints sent to you every single month! These are PERSONALIZED – these aren’t just a signature!

The seventh tier is $50.00 per month.

In this level you get personalized polaroid pix! Nude or non nude – you decide what you want!

The final tier is $100.00 per month. It is ALL THE THINGS!

In this level you get **EVERYTHING** offered in all other tiers!

So there you have it.. Patreon in a nutshell.

It’s pretty awesome for fans, even at $1.00 you get access to content others just don’t see.

If you have any questions, drop us an email!