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Bryci gets her photos stolen a great deal by fakers/catfish and used to scam guys etc. We created this video back in 2016 so some of the things are outdated so we updated below. If you are unsure what a faker or catfish is, please check the “fakers” section here.

UPDATED July 16, 2019.

Unfortunately, Bryci gets faked a lot online.

We have been online since 2009 so our sites and profiles contain well over 50,000 photos.

Anyone, from anywhere, can find someone’s photos or videos and save them. Then upload them to a false profile with a new name… then they go fishing for lonely guys. The biggest locations for this are Ghana, Lagos, and the Philippines. The fakers all use Skype phone numbers so they can appear to be located in the US. 

They use our photos, our videos (with the sound muted) and some guys fall it.  Just because it’s on your phone, doesn’t mean it is live video.


If it is not listed here – IT IS NOT US.


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We add new videos 1-3 times WEEKLY and we usually say the date to help with the confusion.

Facebook: Bryci IS NOT ON FACEBOOK and never has been.

If you encounter someone on facebook using the Bryci name, or some other name on facebook, it is a faker. Please report them here.

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Skype: Bryci does not Skype with anyone, she never has. If you see someone on Skype pretending to be Bryci, using video, the video is old cam shows that have been stolen and repurposed. See this post here about that.

Kik: Bryci is not and never has been in Kik.

Google Hangouts: Bryci is not and never has been on Google Hangouts. This is a VERY POPULAR place for fakers from Ghana and Nigeria that will send you photos from our website(s) to try and scam you for money. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!