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  1. Hello JD ~ I hope you and Bryci had a fabulous weekend.
    Last week I sent an email, inquiring about Josephine Nicole White, and your knowledge of her.
    Would you please let me know bro…she has taken money under stolen identity.

    • Not a clue who that is, but golden rule.. if you’re asked for money – it is always a faker. Literally, zero exception to that rule. I have worked in adult since 1997… worked with over 400 models. Two times they were single and that was because they were going through a break up or divorce. Hot women don’t randomly message guys, there is always a line up of guys trying ot date them.

      Sorry you got scammed man, I’d say go to the cops but cops don’t care and can’t do anything. Not sure why you’re asking us about this person though? Clearly it’s not us so is it a different BellaPass girl or something?

      Fakers will often join our sites, steal images.. set up fake profiles etc. Nothing new, happens 3-5-10 times daily. has info