My TERRIBLE Endoscopy Storytime

It’s storytime and today I wanted to share about my experience with my first ever endoscopy.  Enjoy the youtube video for the full recount of the experience step by step!

I scoured the internet for other peoples experience with endoscopies as soon as I was scheduled in for mine.  I have been working on getting over a fear of needles and hospitals.  Especially any time that I won’t be in control of my own body and giving over control to a health professional.  Clearly I overthink things which made this entire experience so much worse, I thought that researching the procedure as well as hearing other peoples experience would make me feel better.

In the end, I made the experience so much harder on myself than it had to be. Yes I did read other people recount that it was so easy, absolutely painless and even some people went back to work the same day.  But those who deal with panic attacks know that sometimes information just doesn’t do the trick.

If I were to need another endoscopy I’m sure I would have a bit of anxiety again, but absolutely nothing like before.  Instead I’d be planning going for ice cream afterwards, or what movie to watch later that evening.  Thinking about yourself on the other side really helps me get through these emotional moments that you just can’t avoid.

So if you’ve got an endoscopy scheduled, rest easy and start planning the fun things you’re going to do afterwards!

Professional fun haver. All around hippie. Doggy mama.


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