Member Side Access

OurBellaLife uses Patreon as our fan support system. 

Patreon is trusted by thousands of creators like us and it allows us to earn income for our work. Patreon is a membership platform that connects content creators with fans and supporters.

Our Patreon page itself is capable of having posts and updates but we wanted a way to offer more to our fans/supporters. We use a plugin with this website that communicates with Patreon to give our Patrons (our members who have signed up with us) access to our member side*. 

  1. Visit our Patron page and choose one of the two tiers.($1.50/m for early access to youtube videos on the platform page itself or $5.00/m for access to everything on the platform page AND access to the members side here.)

Once you select one of these two options you are taken to a registration page so you can sign up and get inside.

Note – If you have ever had a Patreon account prior or if you actively are a Patron of other creators, you can simply click LOG IN and the bottom of that page.

Now that your browser is logged into Patron, the next step is simply to go to the login page at, it is found in the main menu (top of page beside logo) if you scroll over the home button a small menu will appear below it.

Click Login.

The small box that appears has a username/email address and password area. Ignore those for now and instead, just click the orange button for Patreon labeled LOG IN WITH PATREON or alternately, click this orange button below.

This will take you to the Patreon site and it will ask you the following:

If you click allow, it will create a username/password for you within OBL and log you in. You now have access to the member’s area. If you click deny, of course, it will not work and you will only have access to the Patreon page we have on itself.

Safety wise, the communication here when you click Allow or Deny is 100% private between you and Patreon, as they supplied us with this plugin. The user/pass is not stored within our server in any way and each time you use our site it’s going to call home to Patreon to make sure you’re a member to check if you are indeed a Patron of ours.

We are currently trying to devise a way to redirect Patrons to the member’s side right away after logging in but currently Patreon plugin does not allow redirects so after you’ve logged in, it will look the same as if you had never signed up. You’ll be on the front page of the site, the difference being now that the gated/locked areas are now accessible to you.

In the menu bar, click PATREON or mouse over it for the sub men u to open.

If you are a Patron of ours, you will see these areas when clicked. 

If you are not a Patron, these areas will display a blank page.

* If you signed up for $1.50 (USD)/month for early access Youtube videos, these videos will be posted on our Patreon page 2-3 days before being posted free on Youtube. 

The majority of our Patreon content in our member’s area here at OBL is gated or locked behind the $5.00 membership option. If you wish to upgrade your membership from $1.50 to $5.00, you’re able to do that on our Patreon profile.

Thank you for considering joining our Patreon!

Register here: