Mary Kumah is a Scammer

Abigial Kumah and Sylvia Kumah are romance scammers

We received an email today from one of our fans online alerting us to a faker using the name Mary Kumah with Bryci images. The faker photoshopped some passport documents as seen below.

The faker met their victim on a Philippines dating site, and then took them into Google Hangouts. 

Note to those reading – the majority of the time you meet a ‘hot woman’ on a dating site – it is a scammer using photos found online. If the scammer offers you their phone number to text… that should be a huge red flag. How many times dows a hot woman you just met do this? LOL (answer: NEVER)

Mary Kumah and Abigial Kumah and Sylvia Kumah are scammers

Mary Kumah and Abigial Kumah and Sylvia Kumah are scammers

Here is what was sent to us via the report a faker page.

Started off questioning what other believed in and having rocky past etc with luck on love. I’m still in question if this is real or not due to certain pics. I’ve talked on phone with girl sounding with phillipino accent more then once. It’s never send money to her directly and she’s currently waiting to replace lost id, so sending to either of the 2 sisters been the case. one in pic I’ll soon send you to verify, other never seen or know what looks like. There is another pic of her with her mom. Unsure if its another one of your photo’s help ?

Of course, this is a scam. The real Bryci lives in Canada with me, her husband. We’re on youtube weekly as well:

Unfortunately, this person did send money to the faker. What is equally confusing.. the names that they asked for the money to be sent to…  was *not* the name of the girl in the faked documents. Weird, right? (of course, it’s not weird as the name in the documents is forged so it makes sense they couldn’t use this ID to pick up the money)

The names used were Abigial Kumah and Sylvia Kumah but online, the name used is Mary Kumah and no, it’s not Bryci.