Life Hack! DIY Plumbing Fix

Unless you live in the forest, all homes need maintenance.  I enjoy being self reliant plus saving money is always a bonus.  Growing up I wasn’t taught many of these things, so I decided to teach myself how to unclog the scary shower drain.  Can’t be that hard right?

Off to amazon I go to look for some solutions.  I had seen a plumber using a snake drain before, but theirs was electric and those cost big bucks.  Hopefully this won’t be needed much, but I’m still not interested in buying the best of the best if I just don’t require it.

I bought this manual snake drain with great reviews, it arrived quickly and I actually couldn’t wait to try it out.  It was SO much easier and faster than I’d thought it would be!  Watch the video, you’ll see what I mean.

The longest part was also the grossest, pulling the wad of hair off of the coil.  You’ll be glad the kit came with some gloves at this point.

Now I’m feeling like a capable home owner, and for $25 I won’t need to rely on a professional to come help me out!

This is the snake drain that I bought if you’d like to grab one yourself!

You’ll definitely also want to be ready with:

small garbage bagsscissors

If you’ve never done a deep clean on your shower, when you pull up the drain and clean the pipe.. you’re definitely going to want to be prepped with some bleach and a scrub brush.  The Clorox spray worked great for me, it had to be sprayed on and left to sit twice!  Plus having my trusty shower-secret-scrubber ready, filled with 50% vinegar and 50% dawn soap was perfect.  I learned that trick on an instagram cleaning company account so it must be true right? 😉


Transparency:  This post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase one of the products we link to, we earn a commission. You still pay the same low rate, they simply credit us for referring you.  Full disclosure statement here.

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