Kristine Rodgers is a Scammer

There is a Bryci faker out there going by the name Kristine Rodgers. As expected, yet another Google Hangouts scammer. The only people that use hangouts it seems are scammers and guys looking to meet women that are unaware google hangouts is scammer heaven.

Here is how this adventure started.. we received an email from “P” (name redacted), a fan asking some questions.

Hi mate
I’ve question
Is bryci’s real name Kristine Rodgers
From Geelong
Melbourne Australia
I did a face search ,
And what do you know!!!
It comes up as your wife
(Sorry not really into porn
So I didn’t know who she was )

I responded back pointing out that we’re from Canada, not Australia and that we regularly post on our websites (official site and patreon – as well as our youtube channel and in our youtube channel , we often say the date.

We say the say because it helps guys see that we’re there, on X date and not in Ghana etc. To us, it’s common sense if you see a youtube channel with a ton of videos, all dated new, and the video itself has the person saying the date… yes, that should be “proof”.

For P, it was as it should be. Kind of hard to argue with a bunch of videos that say the date, day after day, haha

These are the images that started it… ready to scroll?  

The faker ( a teenage boy in Ghana) started by sending a photo from Bryci that we shot in our Condo in 2011.

Then after that, the texts…

Now when P told the faker he tried to contact JD, he was already in conversation with me. He told me he was going to string this person on a little.

Then the faker sent “ID” – which can be faked of course with Photoshop.

The photo in this.. taken from a photo set Bryci and I did in 2011. 

Anyone that has had their photo taken for ID knows they don’t allow hair in front of your face, make up, and the photo isn’t airbrushed on the sides. lolol

I sort of look it like this – if someone is willing to send you their passport or driver’s license, this should ring bells in your head.  It’s clearly a scammer. Seriously, who does that!? With identity theft going crazy, who would knowingly  send a stranger their actual id?

Apparently “Kristine” didn’t like this. :/

So there you are, Kristine Rodgers from Geelong, Australia is a teenage boy in Ghana using Bryci images to scam people. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Fortunately, P was smart and used reverse image search via google and to find out who Bryci was.

Moral of the story…

There are no women on Google Hnagouts.

Use and Google Reverse Image Search when in doubt


Real women don’t offer you their ID. 

Real women that don’t know you in person (in real life) don’t offer you their phone number to txt

Common sense people. If it seems too good to be true, IT IS.


  1. Ive been dating a female name Rosemary Anobea from Accra. Ghana.. who claims to be Bryci bigtime. This long distance relationship has been going for about six months.
    I really need your help cause ive spend thousands on this female. Both her and her attorney James Biggins are really trying to get me for more money.
    Ive learn about Bryci from another source and she is still claiming to be Bryci. Please help me. Im in love with her and i really need to be skype to see if Bryci is truly still in Canada and still married to JD… Plus i want to expose Rosemary & James for who they are.

    Thank you,

  2. Hi Ron, of course this person is a faker and she doesn’t have an attorney. lol “James Biggins” is a made up name, just like ” Rosemary Anobea” is.

    You are being faked, Ron. Of course this faker will keep telling you otherwise, but think about it… that’s what they do. THEY LIE.

    If you need “proof” all you need to do is go watch our youtube videos. We say the date int hem. Of course the faker will tell you it’s all old video etc but that’s the faker being ignorant, hoping you won’t actually go watch videos. A good example, The common lie is that the videos and youtube stuff is all old, from several years ago… sound familiar?

    Thing is.. this is where the faker isn’t very smart. In reality, the majority of these fakers are teen boys in Ghana, Africa.

    As I said, in our youtube channel located at we add videos weekly. Often 2-3 videos or more weekly. In many of these we say the date, and that date matches the youtube upload date as well usually. As an example of these videos being new and not old.. in this video here – – Bryci is holding a DJI Osmo Pocket which is a video recorder we use. This video here, we pushed live on February 1, 2019. If you google the term “When was the DJi Osmo Pocket released” you’ll get google giving you a ton of sites, including the actual DJI website showing you the Osmo Pocket was released on December 15, 2018. < -- click this or copy/paste this - it will take you to the google links. So if all the videos are old.... how could Bryci be holding a camera that literally came out in December 2018? Ron, you need to remember - as long as you keep talking to these fakers, you will keep getting lied to. Watch this podcast video here, that we pushed live on March 4th about catfish.
    In this video we talk about a guy that was ripped off for over $20,000!
    He now knows the truth, sadly he found the truth a little late.
    Block the fakers Ron, and move on. Be smarter than this my man.


    No excuses.

    We’re recording a new Podcast today, it will go live later tonight.. episode 26. I’ll say the date in this podcast again so you know it was filmed today, March 11, 2019.

    You can always reach me at jd @ ourbellalife .com

    • Ronald,

      If you have bank account info, names/cities etc.. what I would suggest is this, contact the top level police in your country. Example.. if you are American (we’re Canadian btw), contact the FBI. The FBI has offices in Ghana, and they work with the police there, which most of.. sadly, is corrupt. (shocking, I know, lol)

      They do send people to jail for fraud in these situations, and if you have a paper trail proving things, it’s open/shut. It comes down to how bad you want revenge I guess. I wouldn’t contact the Ghana police directly, they’ll most likely bleed you for more money. International wire fraud is a huge thing, you can hold these people accountable. is where you can start.

      Good luck man!

  3. Hello, Frank Todd, is my name and I just saw this gentleman’s complaint., with all the Google Hangouts chats/texts. Just to confirm, this is the same person who was scamming me. I can tell by the way they speak. The name of my girl was Vida Wilson, who lives in Oklahoma. Google Hangouts is a pool of scammers. Thank god I stopped the payment in Moneygram just in time. She was having me put the name of the Guy, her Uncle, to pick up the money was Scott A, Walker in Nebraska, She gave me his address on 1213 AVENUE J COZAD, NEBRASKA 69130 . So that is who the guy picking up just needed to show his ID to pick up the money. His name is now flagged with Western Union and Moneygram. Listen to JD, Don’t ever send money to someone you meet online., Because you Do not know this person. JD is right. In the Mean time, now that it over and Now aware you have been Played. The worst part of this is that I and many others, have fallen in big time love with a Beautiful Young lady with beautiful Brown, I think Hazel, eyes. This turns out to be Bryci. The faker will send non nude pictures to you. When You stumble upon the Nudes your mouth will drop, because you have been picturing her in your mind what she looks like naked for a long time. Bryci is beautiful. JD is a lucky man. Ok back to the hard part is that you will never have her and It was all a big no huge lie. This jerk really Fked with my emotions. So it is like getting over a breakup with someone you really loved a lot. There is a lot of pain involved. But I am glad to have watched JD and Bryci on their Podcasts and Youtube and of course Quality High Def work. And They are nice people as well. They are interesting. The main point is, Is to really get the word out about Romance Scams and or Fakers. I was clueless and do not want anyone else to go thru this. Especially a guy who lost 20,000 dollars. and Heartbreak. Bye now.