There is a Bryci faker out there going by the name Kristine Rodgers. As expected, yet another Google Hangouts scammer. The only people that use hangouts it seems are scammers and guys looking to meet women that are unaware google hangouts is scammer heaven.

Here is how this adventure started.. we received an email from “P” (name redacted), a fan asking some questions.

Hi mate
I’ve question
Is bryci’s real name Kristine Rodgers
From Geelong
Melbourne Australia
I did a face search ,
And what do you know!!!
It comes up as your wife
(Sorry not really into porn
So I didn’t know who she was )

I responded back pointing out that we’re from Canada, not Australia and that we regularly post on our websites (official site and patreon – as well as our youtube channel and in our youtube channel , we often say the date.

We say the say because it helps guys see that we’re there, on X date and not in Ghana etc. To us, it’s common sense if you see a youtube channel with a ton of videos, all dated new, and the video itself has the person saying the date… yes, that should be “proof”.

For P, it was as it should be. Kind of hard to argue with a bunch of videos that say the date, day after day, haha

These are the images that started it… ready to scroll?  

The faker ( a teenage boy in Ghana) started by sending a photo from Bryci that we shot in our Condo in 2011.

Then after that, the texts…

Now when P told the faker he tried to contact JD, he was already in conversation with me. He told me he was going to string this person on a little.

Then the faker sent “ID” – which can be faked of course with Photoshop.

The photo in this.. taken from a photo set Bryci and I did in 2011. 

Anyone that has had their photo taken for ID knows they don’t allow hair in front of your face, make up, and the photo isn’t airbrushed on the sides. lolol

I sort of look it like this – if someone is willing to send you their passport or driver’s license, this should ring bells in your head.  It’s clearly a scammer. Seriously, who does that!? With identity theft going crazy, who would knowingly  send a stranger their actual id?

Apparently “Kristine” didn’t like this. :/

So there you are, Kristine Rodgers from Geelong, Australia is a teenage boy in Ghana using Bryci images to scam people. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Fortunately, P was smart and used reverse image search via google and to find out who Bryci was.

Moral of the story…

There are no women on Google Hnagouts.

Use and Google Reverse Image Search when in doubt


Real women don’t offer you their ID. 

Real women that don’t know you in person (in real life) don’t offer you their phone number to txt

Common sense people. If it seems too good to be true, IT IS.