Isaac Ankomah is a Scammer

We received an email this morning from a nice guy that also was scammed by a guy in Ghana using Bryci photos. This time, Isaac Ankomah is the scammer. He steals images of Bryci, he pretends to be her on dating sites and then moves you to Google Hangouts as quick as possible.

“I also fell in love with your wife, sorry! Luckily for me the story became too unbelievable before losing more than a pittance to the exact same scam. Started on Ashley Madison then went to gmail then to Hangouts. She could never quite have her microphone video working at same time and she mostly gave up on me when I asked for a video of her opening her Passport Beside her face. I keep stringing the scammer along to waste his time/energy. I think they do shifts as one scammer doesn’t remember stuff from day before.

(Sudden trip to ailing mom in Ghana, need money for food, drugs, to get lawyer to inherit her ‘Tycoon’ fathers money) I did send a small amount to an Isaac Ankomah who was supposed to be her uncle on her fathers side. LOL
Thinking of joining your website, is there a victim discount?”

This sucks and of course, we’ve seen it before so all I can really do is keep blogging these so people will hopefully google names before sending money and hopefully, see the story and get smart about things.

NOTE: If you yourself were contacted by Isaac Ankomah and asked to send money because he’s pretending to be Bryci – DON’T TELL HIM ABOUT THIS PAGE. It worked. 🙂 If you tell him, all he’s goin g to do is change the name you to a friend etc and now we’re back to square one with people getting scammed. Let’s let him keep using his real name so we can keep helping people.

When I google his name…

yup. Def. not Bryci. lol

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  1. 7792077790 a phone number by someone in Ghana claiming to be Bryci and wanting money sent to her/him but to a Nathaniel Azundow, supposed to be her uncle. Hundreds of photos of Bryci to try and make it believable. But nothing sent that couldn’t be found on line already. Just thought you guys should know.

    • 100% a scammer.

      All images they get, are from our website at we have candids and that’s what they go for, the non posed ‘real life’ photos.

      Bryci’s entire family is white, not African and they all live in Canada and only two know she’s a model so… yeah. haha, scam scam scam.