This post is written for FANS trying to get rid of fake Model Instagram accounts.

If you are the actual model being faked, please go to the model page for instructions.

Open the instagram app on your phone, go to the false profile.

Step One.

On the top right side of the profile beside the faker’s name, you see the . . .

Report Instagram Faker step 1

Click the . . . so it opens the menu option.

Step Two.


Report Instagram Faker step 2

Step Three.

Report Instagram Faker step 3

Reason you are reporting?

It’s inappropriate.

Step Four.

Report Instagram Faker step 4

Scroll down until you see “This profile is pretending to be someone else“.  CLICK THAT.

Step Five.


If you click the Someone I know option, it will ask you to send that person to the instagram DMCA page and since you do not hold copyright, you cannot do this.

Step Six.

In the open space, type in the actual model’s instagram account so Instagram can go and see the REAL model, which of course makes it clear the faker you are reporting is indeed a faker.

You can enter in the model’s account or url. I myself usually use URLS to make it easier for the staff member, which to me tells me they will remove it easier.

Example: @bryci or would go in this field.

Once you’ve entered it in, click REPORT.

Step Seven.

Now that you have reported the faker, click done.

Report Instagram Faker step 6

Instagram will often respond to you directly, you’ll see their message in the likes column of your app, but they don’t respond until they have seen the message and have ruled either way on it. This can take a few hours, or a few weeks. The more people that report an account, the quicker Instagram removes it.

Step Eight.

Now that you’re done, you’re still on the faker’s profile so once again, click the . . . in the top corner, like before.

Report Instagram Faker step 7

Once the menu opens again, this time we’re going to BLOCK this clown so they don’t see your content anymore.

Click Dismiss and you’re done (for now)

Upside? Small victory.

Downside? The faker will most likely create another fake profile shortly.

Most of the fakers we have found are teenage boys in Ghana, Africa. Otherwise known as Sakaway boys. Life in Ghana is hard, they have no money. They scam people to make money.

If you are unsure of how they scam people, check our faker page.