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One of the downsides of being a creator that nobody tells you about; sometimes you don't actually create.

5 reasons you NEED the Oculus Quest VR

Being both a minimalist and frugal, it takes a lot for me to buy something new.  The Oculus Quest 2 though has been completely worth it, and blows my mind every single time I use it. I originally bought the unit entirely for art purposes, because painting or sculpting in 3d meant I had unlimited colors and materials at my fingertips.  It also brought my art into a brand new...

Canon EOS-R vs Sony A7RIV

B was filming a last try on video and she decided to try her normal vlogging camera, the Canon EOS R against the camera we use for photos, the Sony A7R IV.

What Camera is right for you?

One of the comments we hear most often from members of our websites is that they love the quality of the content we create.

Canon Lenses for VLOGGING

I get asked often what my favorite lenses are for vlogging on our youtube channel or shooting videos and why. In the blog, we’ll talk about Canon lenses.




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Surgery + Life Update Vlog

Okay it's time for the life update, let's get into it. For the last six months or so I have been so fatigued, and I've...