Fashion Nova Bikini for Hawaii Vacation!

This is not a sponsored video so you’re seeing my REAL uncensored thoughts about this bikini!

Fashion Nova is a great place to buy bikinis if you’re not into spending 100’s on swimwear.  They’re trendy, low cost, but that does come with the downside of lesser quality.  Also most of the time you’ll have to choose 1 size for the top and bottom, as they come in a set.  I usually try to buy bikinis with tie ups so that I can adjust it easily to fit my body.  Not many of us are the same size on the top and the bottom, so this trick works well.

This fashion nova bikini has neither, and I was surprised that it fit bot the top and the bottom, but that’s due to the bottoms not having much fabric around the hips.

I love having a lot of different styles of bikinis, in many different coverages, so while the quality isn’t the best at Fashion Nova this is where I go to buy my swimwear!

Professional fun haver. All around hippie. Doggy mama.


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