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That hot girl that randomly messaged you... isn't a girl.

Do you know what a faker or catfish is?

Faker/catfish are imposters that download photos and videos from Instagram, Twitter, the model’s website etc. and create false profiles to scam unsuspecting victims.

The victims have no idea they are speaking to a man, posing as a woman by using stolen content found online freely in most cases. Sometimes the scammer is woman, which adds to the confusion when the victim hears a female voice (albeit one with an accent and not matching Bryci’s voice as heard in hundreds of youtube videos on our official youtube channel)

There are apps for mobile devices and computers that scammers use to fake video chats or video calls. These apps allow the scammer to use an uploaded video file as the ‘live feed’ in the video chat program such as hangouts or skype.

Here is a male from Acura, Ghana, Africa detailing why and how he scams people.

The Romance Scam.

Scammers will randomly message men and send images to hook you. The scammer then asks for your phone number to text you easier.

A fake profile is soon deleted for being fake after being reported. However, if the scammer has your phone number, they can keep trying to scam you.

Skype offers a service for a low price, that allows anyone to sign up and get a phone number that you can use with your cell phone or computer. They allow you to choose the country, state, and location of the area code so it is possible for someone in Ghana, Africa to look like they are in Los Angeles, California, or anywhere in the world they choose to be.

One of the popular places for scam artists is Google Hangouts.

Women do not use Google Hangouts. 

Bryci and I receive 5-10 reports of fakers per week and most come via hangouts.

Here are some basic guidelines:

  1. Someone from third world country (usually Ghana or Lagos, Africa but sometimes, the Philippines) steals photos of a pretty girl, usually a model, from her website (if she has one) or her social media profiles like Instagram, etc.
  2. The faker then creates a fake profile on various platforms using a made-up name. He populates the profile with stolen photos, with watermark removed.
  3. Faker starts randomly messaging older guys, very rarely does the faker go after younger guys because younger guys usually know better.  Older guys have money, younger guys don’t usually have money.
  4. So now the faker asks for your cell number so he can start texting you. This can be a short con where they are after an iTunes gift card or the long game where they try and get $200 here, $500 there. We have seen people scammed for $1000, $25,000, even $120,000. We saw one guy lose his home.
  5. Almost always, the lies are similar and they all have the guy thinking she is going to marry him, she is going to come to live with him, etc.

One of the more popular lies we hear from reports…

I used to model but I quit. That is all old content from 3 or 4 years ago.

That lie might actually work when it’s a model that has quit the online industry or is not active on her social media etc. Bryci and I are on our youtube channel 1-3 times every single week and we often say the date in our videos. 

When confronted with this answer – the faker responds – THAT IS OLD VIDEO. I am no longer married to James.

Bryci and I are married of course, we’re very active on Instagram (@bryci @jdinfocus @ourbellalife), and youtube as well as our websites.

The videos we post on youtube, often mention the date as I just pointed out. I often show my cell phone with that same date I said. Youtube also lists the date the video was uploaded.

How do they fake videos in Skype calls?

Almost all models have videos on their websites, some are outright videos, some are webcam shows. So think of how easy it would be to grab a video, remove the audio.. .play it back to a guy and say your sound is broken so there’s no audio. Dude is still going to believe it because he wants to believe it.

For those times where the scam victim asks the girl to wave etc… there is actually software the scammer can use to emulate waves, hand signs etc.

Watch this video – be amazed/horrified.

Now that you know what a faker is..

How can you protect yourself?  How do you KNOW if you are dealing with the faker or the real girl?

Is the “girl” falling in love with you really fast? (1-2-3 weeks) if yes: FAKER.

The “girl” is talking about getting married when you have never met face to face? if yes: FAKER

Here’s an easier one…

Did a super hot girl just randomly message you? if yes: FAKER.

I know this might be a hard thing to hear, but typically attractive women don’t need help to meet guys. How many attractive women have you ever known in your life (IN REAL LIFE – not internet), or known of through a friend, etc? How many were single and just couldn’t meet a guy? Zero. Hot women have guys lining up to date them or try and date them, they don’t create a profile, send strangers their driver’s license and ask the stranger to save them.

As the saying goes, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

This video has been forwarded in to around the 11 minute mark so it deals with some of the actual people scamming others. If you’d like to watch the entire video and see how they also scam older women, simply open the video and then start it at the beginning.

What can you do?


Learn how to use Google Reverse Image Search.  if you’re on mobile phone. Upload photo, click show matches.

Official Google Reverse Search: for the desktop version.

More info on Romance Scams:

Click Above

Here’s FBI Special Agent Christine Beining talking about the topic:



More articles in our sites about fakers:  <– click when done reading this page.


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  1. Hello Bryci and JD , please I beg you not reveal my name because I have three children and I no in the music business. Thanks. I live in Europe and since june 29th I speak with a young woman of 24 years old , but who me believe she was 33 years old and used Bryci’s photos to make me fall in love ! Under the spell of Bryci’s photos and what this girl was saying to me , I quickly dropped the women who were really shooting me around here near my home in Europe to be able to devote myself to this pretty woman that I saw on the profile Facebook. As I ‘m 42 in early January and I just divorced , I thought it was an opportunity for me to redo my life with a charming woman. She then made me believe that her mother needed her in Ghana in Bolgatanga because her mother was very sick ! So I sent him money pay the hospital bills and I paid him more than 3000€. And in the month of December I had to return her and her mother to live here at home in Europe, but I realised after all this time that it was not true and that I had to cut the conversations with this woman which is only a fake account industry to rip off people ! I have the names of these people and if necessary I can provide you the information and the names and address of these people ! Thank you for reading my message and know that I really appreciate what you are doing ! Good luck to both. Regards (redacted)

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