What is a Faker?

I am sure most of you reading this know what a faker or catfish is, but I’ll try and explain it in more detail.

Remember five or ten years back when you’d get those emails telling you that you won money somewhere, somehow? I say 5-10 years back because it seemed you’d get spammed with them every few days. They still come now, but most people are smarter now.

Here’s two examples of fake email scams I’ve received

This one is better though…

So, clearly, both are fake and you and I know this. The fakers, the guys that create this also know most people are smarter now so they try going after lonely people.

Now it’s all about the Romance Scam.

Now they send out emails “from women” so the guy that gets the email sees a hot girl emailing and instantly, his brain shuts off and his dick starts emailing back.

Another common thing they do, they will randomly message you on a dating site, a social media site such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. One of the more popular places for scam artists is Google HangOuts. Fakers thrive on Kik and other instant message platforms. They try and get your cell number so you can txt right away with the hot girl.

Great thing, if they can’t convert you to a sale, they have your # so they can give it to someone else in their group that will now randomly message you because “she” thought you were/are cute etc.

You have to remember.. all these guys do is scam people. They are salesmen basically, selling you the illusion that you’re going to be hooking up with a beautiful woman.

Imagine a small house in Ghana, Africa. In one of the rooms it has several computers and in that room, there are 4-10 people on sitting around little tables with a computer on each. Each one has 5-10 conversations or more open at any given time and they are chatting with guys and girls from all over the world. Each person has a new identity they are trying to sell you on.

Many of the girls in our network have their photos stolen and used by fakers on a daily basis and my wife is no different. Bryci has her images used enough that in an average week, we have 5-10 reports of fakers with names like Blessing Wilson or Sarah Love. It’s always names that don’t quite make sense if you’re from North America. April Larry is another good example of a name where you’re given a warning you’re dealing with an scammer… but you see tits and you believe it for some reason.

Here are some basic guidelines:

  1. Someone a from third world country (usually Ghana or Lagos, Africa but sometimes, the Philippines) steals photos of a pretty girl, usually a model, from her website (if she has one) or her social media profiles like instagram etc.
  2. The faker then creates a fake profile on various platforms using a made up name. He populates the profile with stolen photos, with watermark cropped off usually.
  3. Faker starts randomly messaging older guys, very rarely does the faker go after younger guys because younger guys usually know better. Older guys have money, younger guys often don’t etc. So random guy gets a message from some super hot girl wanting to get to know him better and he of course, believes it for whatever reason.
  4. So now you’ve got a guy living in some random city having an online relationship with this super hot woman (who is actually a 15-25 year old man) and of course, he believes everything he is told because his cock is doing the thinking, not his brain. Depending on the level of the faker, he either goes for quick cash.. I need X amount because my Mom is sick and I can’t afford medicine or.. I need X amount so I can buy a plane ticket to come see you etc. (all lies remember)
  5. On the off chance the guy knows what reverse image search is… he finds the real model and confronts the faker. The faker of course, wanting to keep the guy so he can scam him eventually.. makes up a storyline that the guy wants/needs to believe. Example – I used to be that model, I was married. I am single now. My ex still runs that site! Will you help me?

Some of you will say.. but I saw the girl on video, I know it’s real!

Well, yes, you saw a video.. but you saw a video of the real girl, not the faker.  Almost all models have videos in their websites, some are outright videos, some are webcam shows. So think of how easy it would be to grab a video, remove the audio.. .play it back to a guy and say your sound is broken so there’s no audio. Dude is still going to believe it because he wants to believe it.

For those times where the scam victim asks the girl to wave etc… there is actually software the scammer can use to emulate this.

I know, pretty fucked up. Watch this video..

So now that you sort of know what a faker is.. how can you protect yourself?

How do you KNOW if you are dealing with the faker or the real girl?

A few basic things that you’d tell your best friend but for some reason you forget when it’s you yourself involved…

Is the “girl” falling in love with you really fast?  if yes: FAKER.

Is the “girl” asking you for money? if yes: FAKER

Is the girl talking about getting married? if yes: FAKER

Here’s an easier one…

Did a super hot girl just randomly message you? if yes: FAKER.

Come on guys – hot women don’t need to find guys, you know this and so do I… as men, we have to do the work.

They have tons of guys trying to get with them all the time.. so as the saying goes, if something seems to good to be true, it probably is.

So what can you do?

REPORT THE FAKER TO US! –> https://ourbellalife.com/report/

Learn how to use Google Reverse Image Search.

https://reverse.photos/  if you’re on cell phone or mobile. Upload photo, click show matches.

It works usually, but if a girl isn’t shown on this IT DOES NOT MEAN SHE’S REAL

Official Google Reverse Search:

https://support.google.com/websearch/answer/1325808 for the desktop version.

If you have some friends that are between the ages of 18-40 – show them the photo of the girl.

Often Fakers use model’s that have quit or are no longer active.. that way they don’t run into assholes like me blowing up their game. 🙂

Above all, listen to common sense.

More info on Romance Scams.

Here’s FBI Special Agent Christine Beining talking about the topic:

I know we’re not going to stop it, but hopefully if I publish the name of every single faker I come across trying to scam people with our photos, Google will pick it up and in time.. when someone named April Larry contacts you and you google “her” – you’ll find us pointing out you’re about to get scammed.

We on occasion do youtube videos about these fakers as well. Might be worth a laugh if you’re bored.

Stay safe internets,


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