Exploring and a Try On Haul

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It’s been a while, sorry about that!  I was struck with the want to show you how beautiful it was when we were out adventuring in the forest, and all I had on me was my iphone.  I’m telling myself it lends an authentic real life quality to the vlog.

James wanted to snap some photos of the jeep and I just love wandering around hiking in nature so off we went.

A couple packages from online therapy/shopping were waiting for me when we got home and I thought I’d bring along my iphone for an old school try on vlog.

Love the jeans, time to look for a tailor.  Curvy problems.

Included in a seperate package was a piece of art that I bought myself, a sculpture this time.  A glass, dripping, fried egg.  It’s so shiny, gorgeous, and you definitely need one.  Check out the artist on etsy, she will even customize your egg!

glass fried egg