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Empty Site!


I know, I know.. you’re looking around and you’re saying to yourself.. Self, wtf is this shit? Where is all the content? Where are all the videos, the photos? Where’s the nudity? WHERE IS THE BRYCI I CAME TO SEE!!!

Well, simple answer – we restarted this site last week.


We decided to sort of rebuild from the ground up. We have a lot of fans that love what we’re doing and some wanted a site that they could visit from work. You know, safe for work. No porn etc. Then we started to think.. if we made a larger site that is safe for work, we could mention it on youtube often, we could mention it to others that can’t see porn. ie – instagram hates porn. So we can link here now from our insta profiles etc.

If you’re looking for porn of Bryci or us.. her site (add .com to her name) has ya covered. 18+

So yes, when you look around this site, 99% of the areas are pretty empty. that will be changing. I’m going to be adding 1-5 posts daily as fast as I can. Reviews, equipment, different categories not listed yet. Bryci is also going to blog in here when she has time.

On the right side, you can always see our latest Youtube videos and both our Instagram feeds.

I’m going to create a ‘not porn’ section and load it with some screen grabs from videos we have in our site (member’s site) so you get a little idea of what we’re doing..

Give me some time guys… I’m going to build something awesome.. and SFW. (safe for work)