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Craziest Relationship Topics

OurBellaLife Podcast 57

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In todays podcast we’re answering lots more of your questions!

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We talk about The Mandalorian, how to pronounce Bryci, and our next calendar.  Can’t forget asking us about religion!  You asked about some of my recipes that I’ve been showing off on our instagram, and of course a lot of adult topics!  We love being transparent and hope us doing so not only helps you guys when you ask our advice, but also helps show that relationships and all the topics included shouldn’t be scary to talk about.

So of course we get into talking about swingers, bondage and shibari, pegging and if women enjoy doing it, plus our advice on breakups.  Cosplay and roleplay was a topic today, plus bedroom activity duration!


Mental health links that we mentioned in the podcast

Free Care and Therapy: https://www.7cups.com/

On the 7cups website you can choose to chat/dm for free with a volunteer, or you can find a licensed care provider.

Pineapple Support: https://pineapplesupport.org/

Pineapple support was created by the people at 7cups, but aimed at LGBTQ+ and people working in adult industries.

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