We’re looking at some changes right now to make this site an even better experience for our fans.

Right now we use this site to connect with our fanbase that are not members of our adult site(s). We link from our social accounts mostly, which is probably how you heard about this site to begin with.

Most of you I am guessing – are here because of our Patreon account and you found that from one of our instagram accounts: @bryci @bellapass @ourbellalife or our youtube account – 

So – what are we looking at doing?

Making a community for you guys and us. 

We have two main sites – 

1. that is 100% adult. It is porn. It is 18+ – that is why we don’t link it from here. If you go there, you went there because you typed it in yourself or copy/pasted the link. You KNEW what you were doing!

2. that is safe (ish) for work and we use this site more so for our Patreon content. Honestly, that wasn’t the goal originally for this site but it’s sort of what happened and where we are now. 

Yes, we also have (NSFW!!) and that is also ours, but you can’t actually join that site. It’s our network site and is inside that network, as are 15 other sites. If someone signs up for any of those sites, they get access to all the sites. 

So again – if you’re a fan of ours, you’re going to go to #1 or #2 to get us usually.

We’re looking at making this site very, very different.

More will come on this in the week(s) to come. We’re discussing options, looking at how it would all work. We know that many of you came to us via Patron and then also left because of the way Patron works. 

While no system is perfect, we don’t want to lose our fans so if there is a way for us to fix things, make things better… stronger.. we’re going to do it.

Stay tuned guys! More on this soon!

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