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Dry Spells, Tumblr and 2019 – Podcast 19

Let's talk about dry spells, tumblr banning things and what's coming in 2019!

Date Night and Teen Babysitters – Podcast 18

Date Night, teen babysitters and wtf is a cock bumper? It's new merch coming soon, no, seriously.

Escape The Friend Zone! – Podcast 17

Ready to escape the friend zone? We're going to help someone do just that... hopefully!

DQ Cockblock – Podcast 16

Dairy Queen is the ultimate WHAT?

Behind the Scenes – Pinky

A little behind the scenes goodness from shooting Thursday Nov 16th, 2018.

Does Size Matter? – Podcast 15

Does size matter? We asked for questions and wow did you guys come through!! Let's do this!

Bryci Sex Doll and Open Relationships -Podcast 14

On today's podcast we talk about open relationships and making Bryci into a love doll!

Sex Sponges and Shark Week – Podcast 13

On today's podcast we answer a lot of your advice questions on shark week banging, options for period sex, dating advice and more!

Shooting Bryci Today

A little behind the scenes goodness from shooting Bryci on Thursday Oct 18th (2018).

Quickies Matter! – Podcast 12

On today's podcast we give some dating advice, some bedroom advice and we talk about fighting the right way.