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Sex Sponges and Shark Week – Podcast 13

On today's podcast we answer a lot of your advice questions on shark week banging, options for period sex, dating advice and more!

Quickies Matter! – Podcast 12

On today's podcast we give some dating advice, some bedroom advice and we talk about fighting the right way.

Shy in the Bedroom – Podcast 11

On today's Podcast, we're going t help a married couple work out some shyness issues. We touch on Kavanaugh, Bradley Cooper and Ranting. Welcome to Our Bella Life!

Dicks, Dating Advice and Anal Wednesday! – Podcast 10

Dicks, Dating Advice and Anal Wednesday! - Podcast 10

Crazy Porn Fantasy Requests – Podcast Bonus 1

This is one of our bonus podcasts!

Thick Booty, Shyness and Real v Fake – Podcast 09

On today's podcast we discuss realistic expectations, advice for a listener and her husband and we introduce you to your new word of the day; THASS.

The Emergency Room Trip – Podcast 08

We went to Vegas, baby and here's what went down! We also hung out with Alexis Monroe and then we met Tara Babcock and J! Then we had a hospital scare where JD was in emergency and they made him sleep over for 2 days!

Cat Tacos – Podcast 07

Today we talk about your Mental Health, We answer all your great questions and we get personal and then... JD gets thrown under the bus by Bryci.

Jealousy, Toys and Giveaways – Podcast 06

In today's episode we answer some listener questions about our relationship, if we've been jealous or possessive as how to introduce toys into the bedroom. Also.. we talk about our huge 100k giveaway!

Bad Al Pacino – Podcast 05

In today's podcast, our longest yet we attempt to sound like Al Pacino, we talk about losing weight and the pizza struggle. We discuss James Gunn from Guardians of the Galaxy getting fired from Disney and the whole over sensitive thing with society over the past few years. We also discuss #metoo - We hope you're ready, this is a one hour and forty one minute podcast!

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