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The Tiger King – Our Thoughts

Today we're going to talk all things Tiger King and JD's new COVID inspired hair cut.

Should you DO or WATCH Adult?

We're staying safe, and answering your questions for this week's Podcast! Should you DO or Watch Adult movies or videos?

Zombies, Tacos and Quarantine

We're going to talk about the Covid crisis and how we're dealing, and we also answer some of the questions you asked us on our instagram accounts!

Lingerie, Anxiety & Censorship

Today we talk about Lingerie Try On videos, anxiety and how to help someone struggling with it. We'll also discuss our struggles with Youtube Censorship.

Satisfy in the Bedroom, Lingerie and Las...

Are you ready for Valentine's Day?

Sister Crush, Chivalry and Overthinking ...

Today we answer some viewer emails/dms and yes, this had us both going.. wait... WHAT

Our 10 Years in Adult Review – Pod...

Join us as we go over the past 10 years of Bryci and I working in the adult industry.

When is cheating okay?

Is cheating okay on your husband or wife okay? What about cheating on your boyfriend or girlfriend? Is cheating ever okay?