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Shooting with DJI Osmo Pocket!

Today we're shooting with the DJI Osmo Pocket for Bryci's website and her Patreon!

BTS Quickie for Today!

Let's go behind the scenes with Bryci for a quick minute as she sets up to do a video for one of our sponsors!

Almost Back

We had it all figured out. We were ready to go, we had a plan. Then it happened.  I GOT SICK!!! I was a potato for...

Can you make enough?

We get asked this often so I thought I'd write a post about it, hopefully it helps one or two of you!This will be...

BTS Vlog of Your Shirt

The first time shooting with this monster camera!

200K and Our Fav Toys! – Podcast Ep 20

We hit 200,000 subs on our youtube channel!

Dry Spells, Tumblr and 2019 – Podcast 19

Let's talk about dry spells, tumblr banning things and what's coming in 2019!

Date Night and Teen Babysitters – Podcast 18

Date Night, teen babysitters and wtf is a cock bumper? It's new merch coming soon, no, seriously.

Escape The Friend Zone! – Podcast 17

Ready to escape the friend zone? We're going to help someone do just that... hopefully!

DQ Cockblock – Podcast 16

Dairy Queen is the ultimate WHAT?