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underwater basket weaving

What Camera is right for you?

One of the comments we hear most often from members of our websites is that they love the quality of the content we create.

Can you make enough?

We get asked this often so I thought I'd write a post about it, hopefully it helps one or two of you! This will be...

How to Work in Adult – Podcast 04

We get asked often how this girl or that guy can get a job in adult. Sometimes, how couples can do what we do. We thought we'd try and tackle this crazy topic.. and we almost succeeded

Podcast Ep 3 – SexTalk – How to Bedroom – Podcast...

Sometimes when we watch hub videos and we get the wrong idea about what women want in the bedroom. We compare ourselves to these adult video stars that last 45 minutes and go faster than humanly possible. Is that real? How can you be better in the bedroom? Let's find out!


Now that we've got our PodCast running, we want to hear your voice! This is HOW TO call us and leave us a voicemail! Send us...

How To Work In Porn In 5 Easy Steps!

Here's 5 easy steps to get into the adult industry, from solo to webcam to couples and everything in between!

Porn Star Make Up Tips and Tricks

If you're looking to surprise your spouse with a home made sex tape, you've got to watch this video for my tips on perfecting your filming makeup!

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