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Catfish and Fakers

Fakers and Catfish! Are You Getting Scammed?

Fakers, Catfish, and Romance Scams. We get so many questions regarding fakers and catfish, we decided to make a series of videos on the topic!

Mary Kumah is a Scammer

Mary Kumah and Abigial Kumah and Sylvia Kumah are romance scammers

Fakers and Catfish! – Podcast 31

Today we're talking about how to avoid getting scammed online. How to spot a faker or catfish and what to do and what not to do.

Serwaa Boakye Dora is a Scammer

Yup, we got another Bryci faker on our hands. We g...

Nathaniel Azundow is a Scammer

Nathaniel Azundow is a scammer in Ghana with the phone number...

Isaac Ankomah is a Scammer

We received an email this morning from a nice guy that also was scammed by a guy in Ghana using Bryci photos. This time, Isaac Ankomah is the scammer. He steals images of Bryci, he pretends to be her on dating sites and then moves you to Google Hangouts as quick as possible.

Afoakwa Osei is a Scammer

Afoakwa Osei is the name of a scam artist in Ghana, Africa that uses Bryci images to scam people out of money. They use the name Lilian Banner on Hangouts and have a story about how you’ll be getting married to her (actually a him)


Do you know what a faker is? A faker, or catfish is an imposter using photos and/or videos they found online to scam someone.These fakers collect photos and video from instagram, twitter  and sometimes, the model's website to create false social profiles, dating profiles, falsified skype video calls.