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Signed Memorabilia Day!

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Patreon Rewards Sneak Peek!

Curious about what Patreon is and why some of my biggest fans are a part of mine? This video has all the answers

I have a SECRET…

I have a SECRET...

Celiac Disease – 6 months gluten free RESULTS

Celiac Disease - 6 months gluten free RESULTS

THREE Sites?

It seems there is some confusion regarding what we do, and where we do it so I wrote this post to try and help people understand the where, why and what.

Uncommon Celiac Disease Symptoms

Uncommon Celiac Disease Symptoms

Almost Back

We had it all figured out. We were ready to go, we had a plan. Then it happened.  I GOT SICK!!! I was a potato for...

Can you make enough?

We get asked this often so I thought I'd write a post about it, hopefully it helps one or two of you! This will be...

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