Can you make enough?

We get asked this often so I thought I’d write a post about it, hopefully it helps one or two of you!

This will be a long post.


TL;DR, Yes. You can make enough to get by, and some people make a lot more than “getting by”. It all comes down to your effort level, the quality of your content, of course what you guys look like etc. It’s like any job though, it’s not overnight success and it takes years sometimes to find your groove and really start making a lot of money. 

Where to start?

Saturday January 26, 2019 will be the TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY of our adult website,

Over the past ten years we have learned a few things, we have made mistakes and we have figured out what works for us. We have seen models come and go, both with our network we created ( and other sites/networks. I started in adult in 1997, so before even meeting Bryci I had nine years of experience in the adult industry.

I could detail a step by step break down of what to do, how to do it, what to invest in and where not to in order to try and save some people some time. Thing is.. nobody would listen, and it would take a long ass time to create. I have been asked to create a course a few times. A video course with chapters dealing the various jobs in adult we’ve had experience with and how to do this or that. Someday, maybe I’ll create something. “Someday” when I have spare time.

In the mean time.. 

“Strange question but can you make enough money to get by doing what you do? My wife and I are seriously considering making videos and would love to get any advice.” – redditor

Since I don’t know this person personally, and I don’t know his wife, I can speak openly without anybody getting offended. Never my goal but sometimes I’m a little too blunt.

Can you make enough money to get by? YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES

Will you make enough money to get by? Probably not.

but.. wait.. what?

One of the biggest assumptions I have encountered regarding the adult industry is that it’s easy. I have met countless women who thought.. I’m pretty, I’ll show tits and get PAAAAAAAAAID!!!

Nope, not how it works. Man I wish that is how it worked.

Personal opinion – There is so much free porn out there, we’re way more desensitized to nudity than we were 10 years ago, 20 years ago etc. When I started in 1997.. a hot girl showing off could pull in crazy money, largely because there were no tube sites back then, there was no monster competition either compared to today.

In the past 5 years… I have seen reasonably hot girls that should make a ton, fail and quit because they didn’t make a bunch of money and then I have seen just somewhat normal girls with normal bodies do really well. What was the difference between the two girls?

Okay, this is where I have some people thinking… what an asshole. I’ll also have some guys nodding their head because they’ve experienced it and get what I am saying.  I am writing this about women, but I am certain this probably also works for men. I have never dated or been involved with a guy, so I don’t have personal experience on that side of the fence.

Pretty girls, usually, are lazy.

There, I said it.

If you’ve dated or slept with more than 5-10-15 women, you can probably put them in some sort of order of who the hottest was… right? I mean, that’s subject to opinion but we’re inside YOUR head right now… so think of those ladies for a moment. Was the hottest girl also the best in bed? I am willing to say no, she wasn’t. 

I’m sure there are hot girls out there that are amazing in bed, I’m saying USUALLY and like I said before, I’m sure it probably is the same thing with guys… but not knowing for sure, I can’t say that.

So why are the hot ones lazy? My guess… they don’t have to work as hard. They have always just had things handed to them. Guys bend over backwards for them etc, so their work ethic perhaps, not really as strong as someone who hasn’t had it easy from the start.

From what I have seen.. this also works with websites and models. Some of the super hot ones, lazy as heck and as such, they bomb out because they have no drive, no ambition, no belief in their own brand which is confusing to me. As a guy, I think… wow, if I was a hot woman, I’d be rich!  No JD, you wouldn’t be.. you’d just be a hot woman. (truthfully I think I’d make an incredibly unappealing woman, but that’s me being mean to me lolol) – WORK is what makes you successful, not your hotness.

My point in this, is that it’s not always what you look like, or what you are doing. It’s about finding something that works, and doing it again and again. Any person you can think of that is successful, didn’t start last month. They started, and kept going. In doing so you build a body of work, which shows fans you’re serious and then they align with you if they like what you’re about.

Hard work, and time and a little bit of luck is what makes you successful. (in my opinion)

Can you and your wife make good money in adult?

YES, if you work at it, day in, day out.

It’s like any job really.. you have to love what you do and have fun doing what you’re doing. If you two are crazy mofos that are into having some fun and bringing a camera along, and you’re okay knowing there is no such thing as overnight success… then YES.. you can make good money.

When you start, nobody knows you exist so you have to figure out how you plan to market, where you plan to market and why someone should sign up for you instead of going and getting free things on pornhub or other sites.

I often tell girls.. first thing, imagine the one person you would hate to find out that you work in porn. If they found out, can you deal with it? If you can’t, you should not start because once you’ve started… it’s out there. It doesn’t go away very easy, although it will in time be forgotten because new girls are always popping up which takes the place of older content in a lot of ways. 

When we started in 2009, we went and looked around at what others were doing. What we liked, what we didn’t like.  We made a basic list and started. Other than bill, we reinvested almost everything back into the site. We updated cameras often, we updated video cameras often. We wanted to create a site that we ourselves would not only join, but stay a member of because it was awesome.  In my opinion, that’s your goal. Go look around, see what you like, see what you don’t like.


People will always give their opinion… but often people are batshit crazy. They are telling you what THEY like and after you talk to 20 people, you’ll find you often have 20 different “how to” opinions on what you should do or film etc. It makes life very unenjoyable.

Bryci and I both almost quit a few times, because we flat out had gotten to that FUCK THIS point because we were overworking ourselves and not listening to our own brains. We were trying to make everyone happy and that doesn’t happen, ever. In time we learned to tune out the opinions, not to read the comments and not to take shit from anyone. Be true to each other, and you’ll go far. 

So my advice for what it’s worth…

  1. Make yourselves happy, always.
  2. Film what turns YOU both on.
  3. You don’t need expensive equipment to start, lighting is important, and expect it will take time to build a fanbase.

Concentrate on quality where able. Create something YOU would jerk off to. If the lighting is shit, it’s blurry, you can’t see anything.. that’s is not what you’re after. Don’t be afraid to start slow, photos/videos of nudity or nude with toys. You don’t have to start at hardcore, and before you do jump to hardcore.. make sure you are both locked in because again, once it’s out there… it’s out there.

Some girls/couples do porn without faces for anonymity and that’s great but in my experience, faces matter if you want to make money. There are always exceptions to that rule, and anon photos/vids go over great online.. but we’re talking reddit where things are free. Asking someone to join and stay a member… you might have a different experience.

If you’re going to do a full website, you have two choices; Do a solo site where it’s just her or the two of you, or you can join a network of sites where someone joins one site and they get access to all the sites.

That is how we work with Bellapass. We started with one site, Bryci, and now we’re at 16 sites. Pros cons to both methods, we started with the solo business model for probably 5 years. If you want Bryci, join Bryci. If you want this girl or that girl, join their site. Great idea but now, be the consumer for a second….

You have the opportunity to join one site for $19.99 OR you can join 16 sites for $19.99 – Which sounds like a better deal? We flipped to the multi site business model and it has done well for all of the ladies. Like any network though, each site runs somewhat independent of each other. Think of BellaPass as a shopping mall, and each site is a store inside that shopping mall. Some may do similar things, some may be completely different but each store decides what it will sell, what it will focus on, how often it updates.

Doing a site can be hard, or easy. If you don’t know photography or editing at all, then all you really need is a decent enough camera that film 1080p clearly. Grab a tripod, a ring light, you’re set. Canon 80d is a fantastic choice because Canon has the best autofocus in the industry. I have used almost all the camera out there, used or owned and Canon’s autofocus can’t be beat. If you’re filming porn, you need autofocus to work, always.

The quality of your product will determine if someone signs up, or rebills.

If you don’t know internet stuff so you can’t build a site yourself, you can sell clips on clip sites to start off if that is better for you. if you join a network (like Bellapass as example) often all you need to do is upload content, and the network takes it from there. Then you need to market via social or other places.

So how much money can be made?

That is a tough question to answer because it is different for literally every model.

I of course won’t talk exact numbers for anyone we work with, nor ourselves.

I have seen some sites make $500 a month, and I have seen some sites make$10k a month and I have seen some sites make$25-50k a month. I know of one or two that make six figures monthly.

The more successful sites all have something in common… *years* of doing the same thing over and over and over. Nobody gets rich in their first month and very few are loaded by the end of the first year. That said, if you work your tails off and you are offering great content, you can do well.

There are pros / cons with every direction you can go in this industry, as with any industry. 

Basic rule, year two will make more than year one. Year three will make more than year two etc. 

When we started, we started at zero. We had nothing, we had to sell our things just to pay rent. When we launched our site we had interest from some people and we just kept hustling. Over time that hustle paid off and now, we can’t imagine doing anything else.

We have our pro level adult 18+ website that is part of our buy one get all sites bellapass network access and our fanclub level that Bryci runs over at

We use social media to market, but we don’t push the limits of Instagram or youtube or they will remove the content and in time, they will remove your profile or channel if they feel you keep pushing limits. Not worth it. We use our youtube -> <– to show people we’re normal people, we just have a crazy life.

This job is not easy, filming or sexin’ is maybe 1-2% of the work and sure, that’s fun but there are hours upon hours of work/effort behind the scenes. Some days I work 14-20 hours a day, other days, 2-6. It depends on what we’re doing. Hit me up if you want to talk.

We love our fans and we wouldn’t be here without them!

Hope this helped someone.