CameraPorn! Is THIS The Best Lens?

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Let’s talk about what camera lens I use when shooting videos.

I personally own this equipment and I was NOT sponsored to make this post.

I have gone back and forth with equipment, lenses, you name it because when you are shooting auto focus content, you can’t have your camera searching. You need fast glass and a decent sensor to do things. Canon has by far the best auto focus with their dual pixel CMOS focus but being that I shoot Sony for photos.. I keep trying to find a lens that will improve things. So far, Canon is still winning *by far* for video.

Here’s what I used in this post:

Sony Equipment

Sony A7RIII: Amazon link

Zeiss Batis 18mm f2.8: Amazon link

Nikon ME-1: Amazon link

Gibon Mic (cheaper option): Amazon link

SmallHD FOCUS Kit:  Canon Link | Sony Link | Nikon Link | Panasonic Link

Sony 24-70 GM F2.8: Amazon link

Sony 16-35 GM F2.8: Amazon link

Sony 28mm F2: Amazon Link

Sony Ultra Wide Converter 0.75x: Amazon Link

Sony G Series SDXC UHS-II 128GB: Amazon Link

Sony High Speed UHS-II USB3 Card Reader: Amazon Link

Canon Equipment

Canon 80D Camera Body: Amazon Link

Canon EFS 10-18mm f 4.5/5.6: Amazon Link

Canon EFS 18-135mm NANO : Amazon Link

I use Canon for all vlogs,  and I would say 90% of our videos.

Canon’s dual pixel CMOS auto focus slays Sony’s auto focus tech. I hate this about Sony but the quality of their photos makes up for it. Would I love an ALL IN ONE camera? Hell yes. Is it an option right now? Not really unless I am willing to drop down in photo size and our websiytes ( NSFW) offers 6000 pixel photos.. Canon’s cameras that shoot over 6000 pixels in size don’t have dual pixel cmos focus for video with exception of Canon 1DX but that encodes video in MJPEG – not mp4 or anything. For such a high end camera you’d assume they wouldn’t use potato tech for videos. Your videos end up being 10-20x larger than they need to be… ummm.. no thank you.

The only offer XF-AVC Codec (best for video right now from Canon) in their higher end C300. Yeah…. for 8-12k and that’s video only. :/

I even bought a $6000 Sony PXW-FS5 XDCAM Super 35 Camera System (high end video camera) thinking surely higher end Sony would auto focus like a champ… right? RIGHT?

The cheaper $1000 Canon 80D still had better auto focus. JUST auto focus.. the Sony of course killed it in every category other than that.

So the lessons here, hopefully you find some.

What did I learn? Expensive doesn’t always mean better.

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