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  1. I want to know if I am being lied to by someone claiming to be you . My name is Gary , please help me find the truth , please help . (redacted) . Please if you have any info or input would be very helpful . Thank you so very much

    • Gary – we get this 3-5 times per day. When you ask “I want to know if I am being lied to” – I am going to assume you have not read this website or watched any of our youtube videos or read the FAKERS page yet right?

      Yes, you are 500000% being lied to.

      Bryci does not and has not ever (in her entire almost ten year career online with her website chatted with men online in any chat program whatsoever. We’re married, we’re a couple, she doesn’t webcam either. Teen boys from Ghana, Africa steal images and pretend to be her and other models. It sucks but it happens more than people know/think.

      At the end of the day, common sense should play a part here. As an adult.. when you look at whatever hot woman messaging you, out of the blue, randomly… how do you not say to yourself… no way this is real. ? You have known hot women before right? How often where they single? Did they have to work to meet guys? No, never, ever. It’s easy for anyone to steal photos and say yup, that’s me and that is what is happening here.

      If you google “romance scams”, this page here is great for showing what to look for –

      Sorry you got fooled Gary.. but some pointers to hopefully help in future..

      Women will never randomly message a man online.

      Simplest reason, there is already a line up of guys trying to get with her, she doesn’t need to go fishing for new males lol

      Women will never ask for your phone number so they can txt you Think about that… again, common sense… women are worried about stalkers, psychos etc, they can txt you perfectly well online – why would they need to do it on their phone? Their phone also has online apps where the phone number is not needed.

      They try and get your ph # so if you catch on to this scam, they can have other “hot girls” randomly message you and try and catch you off guard and maybe you fall for it that time.

      In short.. guys need to be smarter. Just because a stranger saves 5 photos of someone and calls themselves a female name, does not make them the girl in the photo. How this is not common sense.. not sure.