Bryci Shooting Jana Fox

Jana Fox came out and stayed with us for six days. I shot her on day one, two and three. We took day for off to sort of reboot because she’d never shot with anyone before and the lady needed rest! Bryci took over shooting the next day and she shot Jana for day five and six.

Why did Bryci take over? Simple – I was working on the new BellaPass network. The sucker is massive and when B offered to shoot, I thought… wait, you’ve actually shot before and you’re good! Hell yes, that’s awesome.

Best part is, Jana was most likely more comfortable being shot by Bryci. If I was a girl, I’d always be more comfortable (I think?) with a female photographer.

Win Win.

The photos and videos from Jana’s trip will all be in Jana Fox’s website shortly. Follow her on twitter: @realjanafox (nsfw) and on instagram @janafox_ (sfw)


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