Bryci Facebook

Are you looking for Bryci on Facebook?

If you are, you might be disappointed because Bryci has never had a Facebook profile.

If you are on Facebook and you see someone you think is Bryci, 99% of the time, that is a man residing in either Ghana, Africa or the Philippines.

Those two areas are the worst in the world for romance scams or catfishing.

So what these guys do, they sign up for our adult site and then download candid photos of Bryci or other Bella ladies. They then create fake names, and then create FB profiles or other social media profiles, dating site profiles etc. The goal of course, that you’ll fall in love and want to save them when they inevitably need your help.

If you google the term “Romance Scams” you’ll see what I said above is 100% factual.

Bryci is not Lizelle Doll but a bunch of guys are pretty sure it is.

We had this entire profile nuked of course. This is just an example to show you.

Another example…

Nope, Bryci is not Lizelle Young.

It’s kind of odd the lengths fakers will go to in order to scam people, but these fakers scam men for thousands of dollars.. sometimes hundreds o thousands of dollars and no, I’m not kidding.

Sometimes they create multiple fake profiles in order to sell their lies.

Katie Banks is not Ally Brooks and Bryci is not Amy Brown.

I think you’re starting to get the point?

If you ever see a false profile of Bryci, LET US KNOW PLEASE