Behind the Scenes – Pinky

A little behind the scenes goodness from shooting Thursday Nov 16th, 2018.

The full photo shoot and video are currently live inside Bryci’s adult website and we also just added both photos and video (shorter nude version but not masturbation) for Patrons of ours as well. Those are visible inside this site right now at these links here: photos or video

The way patron works, if you are a member of a higher tier or level, you get access to all lower levels so if you join the video club, you get access to the photos as well. If you join the photo club, you don’t get access to videos. 

Here is an example (image) of what each level costs and what is offered. So if you were to join Video Club which costs $20, you’d also get everything above it so you’d get access to 4 levels in total. If you joined the Snapchat level, you get Videos, BTS videos, Pix and Lewd too hot for youtube videos as well.

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