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How We Have Been Coping W...

Let's talk about 2020 and Anxiety and how we've been dealing.

Crazy Fetishes and The Se...

Today we answer some questions regarding the most interesting/crazy fetishes we've encountered as well as one or two of the secrets from our industry we learned about.

Where Have We Been?

Why haven't we uploaded new videos for the last month? Youtube demonetized our entire channel!

The Tiger King – Ou...

Today we're going to talk all things Tiger King and JD's new COVID inspired hair cut.

Should you DO or WATCH Ad...

We're staying safe, and answering your questions for this week's Podcast! Should you DO or Watch Adult movies or videos?

Zombies, Tacos and Quaran...

We're going to talk about the Covid crisis and how we're dealing, and we also answer some of the questions you asked us on our instagram accounts!
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