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Almost Back

We had it all figured out. We were ready to go, we had a plan. Then it happened. 


I was a potato for an easy two weeks and then as luck would have it, I got my wife Bryci sick. 

You’ve been sick, you understand how it goes. You think you’re normal, but then you try and do something and you realize.. you’re not normal. You’re a potato.

So fast forward to today… 

Thursday, January 24, 2019, and we’re almost back. We’re almost at 100%. If I had to guess, by the end of the weekend we’re 100% and next week we can start doing what we meant to do all along… kick ass.

So if you’ve noticed we are not on Instagram daily, or we’re not adding new youtube videos daily as we said we’d try to. Now you know why.

Also – Anal Wednesday (if this makes no sense to you, you need to listen to more of our podcasts)

On the upside.. we saw this awesome note in our subreddit /r/bryci today. (18+ only please)

How awesome did this make Bryci and I feel?

FUCKING AWESOME. That’s how awesome.

So thank you greyhoundthoughts, and s6vannah for brightening our day.

You’d be surprised how much crap we deal with from haters, fakers, idiots that believe fakers etc.

It’s mind blowing… funny, but mind-blowing.

Man, the things I have seen/heard. No, we’re not calling Shadbangash. (of course, we’re calling Shadbangash)

I think a new youtube video is coming where I read “feedback” from our youtube channel

Almost back guys. We’re coming!

Thank you for sticking around!

Husband. Creator. Gearhead. Geek.

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