Afoakwa Osei is the name of a scam artist in Ghana, Africa that uses Bryci images to scam people out of money.

They use the name Lilian Banner on Hangouts and have a story about how you’ll be getting married to her (actually a him) etc.

Afoakwa steals Bryci photos, creates fake profiles on sites like Facebook, Google Hangouts etc and then scams men.

This one guy, who we will leave name less… got scammed so bad, he might be losing his house.

Here is what he sent me, word for word with his name XXXXXXX’d out.

Hi James. It’s XXXXXX from XXXXXXX. You told me to email you. The person I have been talking to is lilian banner. Which is probably a male. I got sent a pic of now I’ve found out is bryci. Yes I should of done a image search. But I was taking in by this pic and fell for it. Sent money to this person thinking I was getting what i saw in the pic. Was told we should get married which I thought I did. As I thought we was married I was also told we was getting a inheritance of a large amount of money. Yet again I was taking in and also had to buy rings. And also send money for food til I thought was coming over to join me. Sent loads of money for I was getting this beautiful woman which turned out to be bryci. I’m so close to losing my house as money I sent. Court soon to find out if I will be homeless. Joined up on Twitter and Instagram and you both came up. Put 2 and 2 together and saw your fake posts and this beautiful woman which turned out to be bryci. I’m really glad I saw both of your posts as this might help me. Any help to stop this happening to anybody else would be great.hope to hear back from you.

As with all scams, you’re asked to send money via Western Union or MoneyGram.

Notice the name of the person the money is being sent to?

To me,  Afoakwa Osei does not sound like a white girl name.

At some point, common sense should have kicked in.  Sadly… it didn’t.

He sent a *lot* of money to this scammer and now, he waits for the courts to decide what happens next with his house.

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