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What’s our Story?

We are self-employed creators. We’re a normal married couple, that has a not so normal life. We’ve been together since 2006 and yes, we’re still together. We are on Youtube weekly and we say the dates in the videos, we also have a podcast weekly.

We are both very active on Youtube, Instagram, and even Twitter. We link the sites that are safe for work (SFW). We do not link not safe for work or NSFW links.

https://youtube.com/ourbellalife   (SFW)

https://instagram.com/bryci   (SFW)

https://instagram.com/jdinfocus   (SFW)

https://instagram.com/ourbellalife   (SFW)

https://twitter.com/ourbellalife   (SFW)

https://anchor.fm/ourbellalife (Podcast)
(or search for “our bella life” on Spotify, Apple iTunes, Google Podcast, etc)

https://twitter.com/bryci   (NSFW)

https://twitter.com/jdpics   (NSFW)

We operate this site (ourbellalife.com) as a free ‘fan site’ where people can be part of our world if they choose. We don’t add to it as much as we would like, but I (JD) am trying to do that more and more.


Bryci’s story

Birthday – Nov 1985
Resides in – Canada
Measurements – 30G-28-42
Hobbies – Photography, biking, and roleplaying with my husband!
Favorite food – Sushi
Favorite drink – White Russian
Favorite music – Definitely classic rock.
Turn-ons – Confidence is huge, a sense of humor also goes a long way.
Favorite position – Cowgirl baby!

I’m a small town Canadian girl, always the wild child who didn’t fit in or conform. I’ve always looked at life with an open mind because as soon as we close ourselves off we miss the opportunity for spontaneity! So after moving around quite a bit I was introduced by a friend to James and we hit it off, finally, someone else who is a misfit and lives life with an open mind! We started off as great friends, then roommates, both of us were in places in our lives where we didn’t want a relationship. Well, that’s how it always goes.. you are presented something in life that you’re just not looking for right then and voila, it just works!

We’ve moved around quite a bit since then, been through some ups and downs but have always worked our asses off and tried to enjoy life to the fullest. We decided to band together and start working with models in adult and building websites since that interested us both, and hell, it sounded like a lot of fun! We grabbed a camera and set out to find some models, and we did find some great girls but most of the time it was difficult because we are both workaholics (we work on our sites almost every day!) and we couldn’t find anyone who was as into it as we were, or put in as much effort as either of us. We had built a network of websites for some models and it just wasn’t working out for us. As time went on, a few members/fans had asked why I hadn’t tried stepping in front of the camera so I finally tried it for fun after much encouragement from James and I ended up loving it. I love the freedom (and excuse!) to act out all my sexual fantasies and explore new ones in photos and videos. I’ll never look back!

I had first started Bryci.com as a fun blog in 2008 while we were working on the other network, it was nothing more than an online journal. I finally added a members side to my website in February 2009, and I started as a non-nude model. I wanted to make sure that I was always within my comfort zone, and always did things for fun and for me. Non-nude didn’t last that long though, I was having so much fun and felt the love from fans so after a month and a bit I started modeling fully nude. Shortly after that I also started posing with girlfriends, and there’s something so fun about meeting a brand new girl and getting naked with her 5 minutes later and getting it on!

Then came toys in 2012, and I’m happy I took my time and did what I wanted when I wanted, but this was way more fun than just posing for photos and doing sexy striptease videos. I mean really, I now get to give myself orgasms way more often, try out new toys, and get the thrill of putting it online for the world to see? Yes, please! Honestly, it was at the same time that I considered doing hardcore with James, but again I wanted to make sure that I was comfortable at all times. I probably look at it differently than most people, but to me using toys and having sex are the same thing, it’s all sexual. Then again that’s easy for me to say because I was thinking of doing hardcore with my husband, not with a ton of strangers and becoming the next porn star out there. Bryci.com has now morphed into a “couples next door” type of website. We’re living our best life!


I started my Patreon as a way to connect with fans that wanted to show their support for as little as $1. I wanted to be able to say THANK YOU and show them my gratitude. I know every dollar we make matters so if someone chooses to show support, I want to be able to give them something in return! My Patreon is set up with different levels or tiers, so fans can choose what they’d like and I change the prices depending on my costs or what I feel the item/tier is worth. there is truly something for everyone I think!


xx Bryci

JD’s story

aka The luckiest man on the planet!

Birthday – Sept 1976
Resides in – Canada
Hobbies – Photography, Website creation and of course, exploring our fantasies with my wife!
Favorite food – Mexican
Favorite drink – Glenlivet Single Malt Scotch Whiskey
Favorite music – I’m all over from classic rock to EDM, classical, everything in between.
Turn-ons – My wife looks at me and half smiles, but doesn’t say a word.. I know what’s up.
Favorite position – anything with Bryci works for me.

I’ve been self-employed doing photography and websites since 97. I got started into doing websites after hating life working for someone else. My Dad got me into photography at an early age so that always came naturally to me I guess. I’ve moved around a bit through life from Canada to the States, States to Canada etc and I had been back in Canada about six months before I met Bryci. A friend introduced us and although I wasn’t looking for anything, she was cool so we hung out a lot. Keep in mind, she wasn’t a model at the time, how she was single, no idea. I’d come out of a rough time and I was not interested in getting close with anyone. It was kind of cool because I looked at B like one of the guys, I didn’t censor my thoughts, I wasn’t trying to impress her ever. I was just being me.

Living in the downtown of any city can get expensive, so we decided to move in together. She’d have her room, I’d have mine. We’d been hanging out almost all hours of the day before this anyway so why not? I know she’s cool, it’ll be fine. Next thing you know, we’re leaving and moving out West and starting a website network with amateur girls next door. I taught B some web work and she already knew some html so the two of us molded and created the network from the ground up. The downside was how lazy most of the models we worked with were. We decided to sell it and try something new. Bryci wanted to do it herself and it didn’t really fit with the old network we were doing so Bryci.com was formed. One of the things I told B right from the start was – make you happy, don’t ever listen to fans. That’s not to say fans aren’t important, they are of course! If a model is unhappy though, she quits. I told her to make sure she always called her own shots. I’d be there for ideas or advice if needed but I never wanted to make the decision for her to do this or that.

Thank you for caring about who we are and what we’re doing!