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Welcome to OurBellaLife!

We built this blog to share our creative ideas and ventures with you all in detail, so that you can do them too!  Not only do we love DIY creating, but we love helping and teaching others to create and enjoy life to the fullest.

We are Bryci and JD, a married couple living out our wild creative life in western Canada.  Since the day we met, it’s been a whirlwind of both of us sharing our craziest ideas, and putting them into action.  We live a “why not?” sort of life.  We’re happy to try (almost) anything once!  We love exploring life and living in a very down to earth, authentic way, in the hopes of just enjoying every single day.

Our lives wouldn’t be complete without these two fuzz nuggets either


We both love working with computers, it has always been natural for us to create and work online.  We started in 2006 by helping people around the world create their own websites and to work from home for themselves, while we helped with the behind-the-scenes tech of running a website.

We have since transitioned into sharing our life between our blog here and on youtube with vlogs.  You can also watch our behind the scenes of us creating, tech reviews, plus help with how to get started on your own DIY creating path.




What is the “OurBellaLife” blog?

We created this site for you to follow along our personal life, watch as we create new things, as well as learn about how you can do it yourself.  We are passionate about photography, videography, tech, and everything artistic.

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