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Abena Abigail

Abena Abigail is a man from Africa that is trying to scam you by posting Bryci images on various social platforms. We’ve found three and sent off DMCA notices to have them banned because, well, stupid fakers.

Needless to say, Bryci is not Abina Abby or Abena Abigail.

Just the fact that this derp uses two spellings of Abena/Abina should be a clear heads up.

Instagram Abina Abby : FAKER

Flickr Abena Abigail: FAKER

Tumblr Abena Abigail: FAKER

Twitter Abena Abigail: FAKER

LinkedIN Abigail Abena: FAKER

What makes me smile is how much time it took to make those bullshit profiles, knowing I am having them nuked with one simple email that took me about 30 seconds.


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