5 reasons you NEED the Oculus Quest VR

Being both a minimalist and frugal, it takes a lot for me to buy something new.  The Oculus Quest 2 though has been completely worth it, and blows my mind every single time I use it.

I originally bought the unit entirely for art purposes, because painting or sculpting in 3d meant I had unlimited colors and materials at my fingertips.  It also brought my art into a brand new niche that just isn’t possible with conventional materials.

Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the raw feeling of canvas, paint, charcoal, spray paints, and water colors.  But just as awesome as those things feel while creating, so does virtual reality creating.

I chose to get the 256gb model as I didn’t want to run into storage issues with my art. I wanted to be capable of creating these huge demanding artworks without worry of running out of space.  The larger memory model also allows you to download many more games.

So, what are my 5 reasons you absolutely should buy yourself an Oculus Quest 2?

1. Escape your house. Go to concerts or games with your friends!

virtual venues oculus quest

And by that I mean, while you’re sitting on your couch.
We’re still in the pandemic and I can’t express how nice it has been to “escape” with this headset.  It’s mind blowing and unexplainable to someone who hasn’t ever experienced virtual reality.  Watch NBA games and live concerts from artists like Billie Eilish, Wiz Khalifa and more. You can watch any 360 youtube videos for free, take a tour around the world, or walk around google street view.  You can join VR chat with your friends and while you feel like you are in a cartoon, you 100% do not feel like you are sitting at home.

2. To expand your art practise in a way you never thought possible. 

Have you always wanted to experiment with different colors, techniques, or styles but didn’t want to waste materials?  Not only does Google Tilt Brush mimick a multitude of different paint brushes, there are action brushes that are virtual-reality-art only.  If painting isn’t your thing, check out Gravity Sketch while allows you to sculpt whatever you’d like.  Bonus, you can 3d print whatever you create if you’d like!  Since the Oculus Quest 2 doesn’t have cables, you can walk around your painting or sculpture, even inside of it.

3. Interactive games that will bust your ass instead of going to the gym.

Can’t stand gyms normally, or yours is still shut down?  Just don’t like gyms period?  Neither do I.  There are games in the Oculus Quest that are fun to play, and give you a workout that you don’t even notice until it’s done.  Plus you can play with your friends in some of them!  Check out Beat Saber, SynthRiders, Thrill of the Fight, Gorilla Tag, and PistolWhip.

4. Watch movies/netflix, at home, with your friends (who are not at your home)!

With the Bigscreen app in your Oculus you can watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, all major streaming services or even movies from your PC.  Invite your friends who also have an Oculus to binge with you while neither of you even leaving your own home.  Get some socialization in and enjoy the same movie together but apart!

5. Meet new friends from all around the world

A great way to meet some new friends that you could also play games or watch movies with, is VRchat.  This is a virtual reality community that lets you hang out with friends or play games.  RecRoom is another place to just relax and chill with some friends, all while keeping your pajamas on.


When I first stumbled upon virtual reality headsets being a thing I could actually own, I researched for a bit between the Quest and a few other headsets.  Ultimately this one won because it is entirely wireless, and did not require a computer, PC, or playstation at all.  I have no regrets choosing the Oculus, and JD even bought one himself so we could play games together instead of watching so many movies during the winter or pandemic!

Check out the Oculus Quest 2 here and come get in on the fun!

Transparency:  This post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase one of the products we link to, we earn a commission. You still pay the same low rate, they simply credit us for referring you.  Full disclosure statement here.

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